Ultra Cheap Designer Prescription Glasses Tutorial (VIDEO)

Most people need glasses at some point in their lives and one thing is for certain, designer prescription eyeglasses don’t come cheap. Most glasses retailers that have an in-house optometrist will charge at least $400 a for mid to high end set of frames and lenses with the usual coatings on them. That’s why I’ve put together a video tutorial that shows you how to get these same designer brand glasses for a fraction of the cost, literally as little as $20 and almost always less than $50.

I’ve also included a picture of actual glasses I’ve purchased using this process along with a transcript of the video below for those would would rather read instead of watch. The video itself is about 10 minutes long and I promise it is worth the watch for the savings you will get!

Tutorial Video

Watch on YouTube!

Actual Glasses I’ve Purchased Using This Method

Ultra cheap designer prescription glasses tutorial (with video)

Video Transcript

Hi. This is Stephen from HowToSaveMoney.ca where I teach you how to spend less and get more. Today, I’m going to show you how to get designer brand prescription eyeglasses for less than $50 or maybe even as little as $20, which is roughly the cost of shipping.

Step 1 – First you need to understand what the typical cost of designer glasses are. You may already be aware of this because you’ve probably purchased them yourself. I did a quick poll of my family members on the cost of their glasses. Two people had spent $500 on normal looking glasses with no special features like titanium or anything too snazzy. One other person has spent $800 on a pair of pretty stylish prescription sunglasses. But still… $800? That’s insane!

Step 2 – What you’re going to need. First, you’re going to need a prescription from your eye doctor. This should cost less than $100 and be covered by your insurance. Second, you’re going to need your pupil distance. This should also be provided by your eye doctor but they may be hesitant to give it to you because they know you’ll be looking to get your glasses elsewhere. And third, you’ll need the approximate dimensions, as in the width and arm length of an existing pair of glasses. So you can just have a ruler and measure your existing glasses that you’re wearing right now.

Step 3 – We need to load up the Clearly.ca website. Clearly Contacts is a Canadian company and my preferred place for buying brand name authentic designer eyeglasses for next to nothing. So let’s get started.

First, we’re going to go to the Glasses tab here and click on frames for men (because I’m a man). And I’m going to select the brand, Kam Dhillon, because I’ve purchased this brand before and I like their glasses. You’re going to probably want to spend some time browsing through here and picking a frame that looks nice to you. This pair of glasses right here, I actually own and love. So I’m going to click on those. And you can see them right here. They’re super thin. And the side angle here… You can barely see them when they’re on your face, actually.

I want to bring your attention to the frame sizing section here. This is where it’s important to compare these to your current set of glasses to make sure you end up with something that fits comfortably on your face. I also want to draw your attention to this Return Policy and Extra Benefits. They will let you try these on at home, ship them to you, and if you don’t like them or it doesn’t fit, you can ship it back to them for free and get a refund. The Return Policy is 366 days, which is much better than most retailers. And they guarantee the authenticity of the glasses to be actual brand name glasses. It comes with a hard case, cleaning cloth, and tightening tools, as well. And those are of decent quality.

So next, we’re going to want to input our prescription info. So to do so, you click Continue. We’re going to use Single Vision (Everyday Use) glasses but you can also use Reading Glasses. And I’m going to input a Sphere of -1 for both eyes, which is pretty close to what my actual prescription is. I don’t have a very strong prescription. The Cylinder and Axis should also come with your prescription but in most cases, it’s not applicable. But it will be printed on your prescription if you do have one. PD is your Pupil Distance. And that’s what I was saying the doctor may be hesitant to give you. I’m going to put in the default here of 63. If you can’t obtain your Pupil Distance, you can click on this “What is PD” link and it’ll bring up a definition and description of it and it will tell you how you can measure your own, which is very useful. You can even download a pupil distance ruler in Pdf format, print it out and then use it to measure your own Pupil Distance. So it’s just the distance between the center of both of your pupils.

So now that we have that, Step 5 is to select the options that you want for your glasses. So click Continue. And then, these options will come up below. Here, you have your lens thickness. Standard lenses will be good enough for most people. These options used to actually be much cheaper, sometimes free. But as Clearly Contacts gained popularity over time, they have increased their prices slightly. I’m going to stick with standard lenses. They’re more than good enough. And it gives you an idea here what the range of Sphere is that is good for this size lens. So you can see it here and you can pick the one that’s appropriate. Or if you just want the cheapest thing possible just to test this out, go with the standard. And here, you can pick your sunglasses, transition, special lenses for that but we’re not looking at sunglasses so we’re going to skip that.

And finally, you choose your coatings. And this also used to be free. But now, they’re charging for it. But they’ll let you bundle all three of these premium and reflective coating, UV protective coating, and scratch-resistant coating for $19.95, which is a really good price. You’re going to pay more than that at your typical eyeglass place. But just to go as cheap as possible, we’ll take those off.

And now, all we have left to do here is click “Add to Cart” and review our order. I actually have an extra pair here by mistake so I’m going to remove that now. And here’s a summary of the information we inputted and the price right now sitting at $106.95 as the total. So that’s still much cheaper than you would expect to pay for these glasses in a retail store. I’m assuming these would be at least $400. I did look once and glasses like these were definitely $400 or more. But I’ll click Continue here because we can do much better than that.

Here, you need to enter your shipping and billing information. I entered some fake information here. Just enter your real information. And then, pick your shipping method. The price is the same so we’re going to use Purolator Express because it has a quicker delivery date. So click Continue after accepting the Terms and Conditions of Use. You need to check that off and Continue.

Here we are on our Order Review & Payment. So after taxes, shipping, and handling and insurance, we have a total of $125.40. So that’s still pretty expensive but definitely still affordable. Next, to get this price down, we need a coupon code. So where do you go to get a coupon code? Well, my favorite place is RetailMeNot.com.

So you go to the homepage here, RetailMeNot.com, type in the store, Clearly Contacts. You see it comes up here, Clearly Contacts Canada. Click on it. And it’s going to bring up a list of coupons. Free Shipping? Okay, that’s not a huge discount. Keep looking. Thank you… Contact orders… We’re looking for glasses. Free Shipping… Free Shipping… Oh, here’s one. Free Pair of Glasses. That sounds good. So it’s FBDEALCA. You can either click on this or just remember the code yourself. I prefer to remember the code and type it in.

So believe it was FBDEALCA. And then you click the Apply button. And that magically takes $106.95 off your order! All you have to pay is the Shipping and Handling for a total of $18.45!!

Now, sometimes, you’re not going to be able to find really good coupon codes through Retail Me Not because there are influences by bigger brands and sometimes those brands force them to take down coupon codes. So you can go to Google and type “Clearly Contacts coupon code”. Enter. Usually Retail Me Not will be the first search result. And here, we can see it is. But if you go down, you see other places like Bargain Moose, Red Flag Deals, Clearly Contacts themselves… Just take a look. But even better, if that doesn’t work or you’re getting old codes, you can put in the year and you may get more relevant codes there, stuff that isn’t expired.

When searching through Google, you’re bound to get tons of bogus stuff and expired stuff. So finally, if none of that works, you can try putting in the word, “Forum”. And that will get you forum results where people are actually discussing these deals on forums. And these are real people that have no incentive to give you [ worse ] coupon codes or a monetary incentive on their own part. You’d be surprised how often that happens on the internet.

So you can click on a forum thread and you can read through and see what other people are saying. Just look for something that’s recent. This is August 9th, 2012. So that’s pretty recent. So there you go.

So let’s go back here. All we have left to do is put in our credit card information and click purchase. And you’ll have a brand new set of glasses show up on your door in a day or two.

And there you have it. You can do this several times to get many glasses, all covered by your insurance in no time at all.

So thank you for your time today and I hope you enjoyed this video. Please leave a comment. Please come and visit me at HowToSaveMoney.ca, enter your email address here on the side, and click the “Save Money Now” button and anytime I post new content on my website, you will be emailed to let you know. And I have tons of ways that I can help you save money on your everyday purchases.

Thanks again and have a good day.

Click here to browse glasses and contacts @ Clearly.ca

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Ellanor's picture

Thanks for the info! I've ordered three pairs from them already for awesome prices. The only thing is getting the glasses adjusted once you get them, but most places will probably do it for free (I went to Hakim). :)

November 02, 2012 @ 7:36 pm
SavingMentor's picture
That's a good point about getting the glasses adjusted. I've never had to do that as they fit me well enough right out of the box. Nice to hear that you were able to get someone to do that for you though for free!
November 03, 2012 @ 11:05 pm
Maggie@SquarePennies's picture

Great idea! I wonder if something similar could be done in the US. Interesting!

November 05, 2012 @ 2:04 pm
SavingMentor's picture
Yes, I'm pretty sure it can. I believe there is a site in the USA called Zenni Optical, or something similar to that. I also believe that Clearly Contacts operates a USA operation. It is called "Coastal Contacts". The process would be the same, just look for coupon codes for those different sites. Also, there are tons of other glasses places that ship glasses directly out of China and the middle east. I know one of them is Goggles4U. There are a bunch of other ones too. I have ordered from Goggles4U before, but the quality of those frames was nowhere near the quality of the Clearly Contacts frames. One of those pairs of glasses you see in the picture (the middle ones) I can literally take and bend the titanium frames completely around in any direction I want almost as roughly as I want and as soon as I let go they snap back into place without any deformities. Top notch quality!
November 05, 2012 @ 2:30 pm
Maggie@SquarePennies's picture

Wow, that's really great! Thanks for all the information--I'll definitely be looking into this!

November 05, 2012 @ 3:42 pm
Steven J Fromm's picture

Great strategy. I was not aware of this way to buy glasses but I am going to check it out. thanks.

March 24, 2013 @ 1:49 pm
derrall's picture

Thank you for this post, even though it took me years to find it!!!

I have been delaying getting new glasses because of the cost, but this gives me a very good option.

Are there any other discount coupon sites that you would recommend, it looks like RetailMeNot has dropped some of the better discount codes, or am I missing something?

all the best,

July 23, 2017 @ 12:52 pm

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