How To Earn Aeroplan Miles Really Fast

Flying for free, or almost free, is a really wonderful proposition and something that is definitely possible by efficiently collecting and redeeming Aeroplan miles.  Some of the methods listed here are better than others, but they will all help you pad your balance so you can get that free flight much sooner than you think.

Credit Cards

There’s no way around it, credit cards are the absolute best way to collect Aeroplan miles quickly and there are quite a few of them to choose from in Canada.  There may be a better credit card out there to use as your primary everyday card, but I still think most people should sign up for one or more Aeroplan cards to take advantage of the perks and bonuses.

Sign Up Bonus

The biggest reason to apply for an Aeroplan credit card is for the sign up bonuses. The minimum sign up bonus available for an Aeroplan credit card is the 5,000 miles for the lower end cards with lesser annual fees all the way up to 50,000 miles for the top-end platinum and reserve cards. The standard bonus for a $120 annual fee card is typically between 15,000 and 25,000, which is great because a 15,000 bonus is enough to get you flying immediately on a short haul flight and the 25,000 bonus will get you on a flight anywhere in Canada & Continental USA.  You usually get most or all of your bonus either after you make the first purchase on your card or after your first statement or after you've made a relatively small minimum amount of purchases within the first few months. Please click the following link for the most up to date listing of Aeroplan credit card sign up bonuses. Keep reading » about How To Earn Aeroplan Miles Really Fast


Aeroplan Miles: A Complete Guide

Aeroplan, for better or worse, it is undoubtedly the most important and relevant airline rewards program to Canadians. The reasons for that are plentiful:

  • Air Canada is the largest Canadian airline owning nearly 4 times the number of planes as its closest rival, WestJet.
  • Air Canada was the only large Canadian airline to offer a rewards program for years, until WestJet recently introduced one as well.
  • Due to Canadian laws, only Canadian airlines can operate flights that both originate and terminate in Canada. All other airlines can only offer flights with one point of entry into Canada.
  • The number of partners, credit cards, and other earning opportunities available through Aeroplan is only exceeded by Air Miles and it is actually a retail rewards program, not an airline rewards program.

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That being said, Aeroplan is not without its problems and many people are quick to complain about the program and often abandon it after having a frustrating experience. Fortunately, understanding the program better combined with a little planning can make most of these frustrations go away. Before I get into the good stuff of teaching you how to earn Aeroplan miles faster as well as get the most value out of your Aeroplan redemption, I'm going to give you a quick overview of how Aeroplan works and explain roughly how to calculate how much Aeroplan miles are worth in terms of dollars.

Nobody wants to waste their time earning 10 miles here and 20 miles there while taking a lifetime to achieve any sort of reward and after reading this guide you won't have to anymore! Keep reading » about Aeroplan Miles: A Complete Guide