Free Coffee Rewards: A Review of Starbucks, McDonald’s McCafe and Tim Hortons Loyalty Programs

Free Coffee Rewards: A Review of Starbucks, McDonald’s McCafe and Tim Hortons Loyalty Programs

Getting free stuff can be a high for some of us, especially when it comes to food and drink.

Because who can resist getting a tall, skinny, non-fat mocha with extra whip – all for free?

And to get the most free coffee, let’s do a comparison of the top 3 food and drinks rewards in Canada:

Three different fast food reward programs...But which gives you the most cuppa?

The Skinny on Starbucks Rewards

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Tasty Recipes That Won't Break The Bank

Tasty Recipes That Won't Break The Bank

Eating delicious, nutritious and filling foods don’t have to cost you a fortune...

Even if your tastes are more refined (read: picky) ‒ or you prefer to eat out ‒ it’s possible to find homemade recipes that satisfy both your hunger and wallet.

Because as long as you’re willing to do a bit of planning and cook most meals at home, then you’re bound to have money leftover to spend on a few meals out at the end of the month.

Embrace The Meal Plan

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The End Of Bread Price-Fixing With This Home Experiment

The Bread Fix Home Experiment

Just before Christmas 2017, news broke that several grocery retailers in Canada were allegedly participating in the price-fixing of bread for the past 14 years.

14 years of artificial bread prices? Wow!

But, what exactly is price-fixing? Price-fixing is essentially consumer fraud when two or more competitors make an agreement to raise, lower, or keep the price of something constant.

In Canada, if you’re caught doing this naughty thing it can lead up to millions of dollars in fines and even result in jail time.

List of priced-fixed bread

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How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

How to eat healthy on a budget

If you’ve seen all the tricks and the listicles about saving money on groceries, but none of them ever really hit home? Yeah, same here.

You can read all the frugal articles about how oatmeal, bought in bulk, costs pennies per meal, and all the recipes for rice and beans that you want, but they might not be the right way to eat healthy on a budget for you.

And that’s OK.

Everyone has different food preferences, dietary needs and schedules, so what works for someone else might not work for you. That said, it is possible to eat healthily on a budget if you follow a few key steps ‒ and yes, some of them involve a bit of legwork.

It’ll be worth it when you scale down on what is the second-largest budget category for most of us.

Step One: Figure Out What Healthy Is For You

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My 25 Favourite Ways To Save Money On Life's Most Important Things

Favourite ways to save money on life's most important things

Today's post is from Andrew Daniels -- founder of Family Money Plan and Millennial Homeowner

Some people are just born a certain way.

Some are skilled hockey players. Others can write an amazing song.

For me I was born to save money. Saving money has always been a passion of mine: I’m always on the lookout for a great way to keep more of my hard earned money.

The way I see it, there are three big areas in your life that make up most of your daily spending:

If you focus on finding savings on these three first, you can do yourself a huge service down the road. So, let’s get going on how to save on all these ones...

Here are my favourite ways to save money.

How I Love To Cut Our Food Costs

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Eating Out At Restaurants: The Ultimate Guide To Spending Less

Eating out at restaurants: The ultimate guide to spending lessEating out is great isn’t it?

No cooking, no cleaning, no groceries, and no hassle -- what’s not to love?

There’s just one problem: eating out is expensive. Ok, two problems. Restaurant meals often aren’t as healthy as a home cooked meal either, but they sure taste good!

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to make the bill that comes at the end of your meal a lot more palatable so you can eat out more often without feeling nearly as guilty, or just pocket the extra dough for something else you enjoy.

Want to save money when eating out? Grab this PDF download with 34 strategies – including a 1-page worksheet to list your top 5.

Here’s how you do it:

Related: Do You Splurge?

Combine As Many Discounts As You Can

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31 Money Apps, Products, and Tools You Should Be Using

31 money apps, products, and tools you should be using

There are so many tools, products, and apps out there that it’s hard to know which ones to use. There’s so much choice that it’s easy to pass by some great money saving apps and tools without a second look.

It’s even harder to find stuff that works well for Canadians – nearly everything is targeted at Americans because of their larger population.

Even though I’m a tech-savvy guy, I still don’t use as many money tools as I probably should to truly maximize my money.

Some of it is due to privacy concerns – I don’t want to link up directly to my bank, credit card, or investing accounts. But, most of it is that initial barrier to entry of learning something new when what I already do works well enough.

It really helps when someone vets and recommends useful tools first before giving them a try yourself, don’t you think?

So here is a collection of apps, financial tools, and products I either use myself or think are worth using based on the reviews and features they offer.

You can find even more money saving deals and tools that I use everyday on our deals and tools page.

Best Money Saving & Personal Finance Apps

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Calling Customer Service: Your Ticket To A Better Deal

Calling customer service: your ticket to a better deal

Dealing with real people – especially when shopping online – is often the last thing on our minds.

We’ll compare prices, hunt for sales, look for coupons and even use portals for extra cash back…

But, when something goes wrong during the checkout process (and let’s be honest, that happens much more than it should), we’ll accept the wasted time and just abandon our cart.

It’s a frustrating customer experience, and I’m sure we’ve all been there. When you’re looking for the best deal, things can and do go wrong because you’re doing something outside the norm.

People and websites are good at handling norms, but when you throw them a curveball things can slow to a crawl or completely crumble.

I’ve personally had problems with pretty much all the major sites at one time or another (Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Cineplex, you name it).

In store, I’ve waited for more than 30 minutes while poorly trained front-line staff go back and forth with equally poorly trained managers about a simple coupon, promotion, or price match more often than I’d like to admit.

It’s infuriating but, if you have patience, it pays off. That’s especially true online.

Getting The Deal You’re Entitled To

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Back-to-school Shopping Tips

Back-to-school shopping tips

Yes, it’s that time all over again.

You’ve sat on the beach, driven the kids to summer camp, gotten an awful sunburn and wondered why you wait so long to take vacation every year.

Yet, sadly – as with all good things – summer always comes to an end, and with that, comes back-to-school shopping.

Yet, there’s no need to fear! I know this can be an especially expensive and anxiety-inducing time of year…

But I’m hoping these tips would make the process more efficient...and less painful. Especially for your wallet.

What do you really need?

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Pointers On Building Your Stockpile

Pointers on how to build your own stockpileThere’s many sizes of products in any brand lineup…

And it’s not surprising that it can get confusing sometimes as to when they should purchase short term or long term supply of many items.

I know I get confused. And so do other stockpilers.

I’m more at ease when I’m ahead by a month’s supply in many non-perishable items. But sometimes the savings are greater when we don’t supersize everything.

That being said, good stockpiles are built over a longer period of time, through strategic shopping using couponing techniques, loss leader shopping, clearance sales, etc.

If you’re purchasing items for your stockpile at full price, it defeats the purpose.

To get started, first things first...

How to Unit Price

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