Is It Time You Switched Long Distance Providers?

Most people who have a home phone stick with their home phone service provider for all of their long distance needs, but is that really the most cost effective thing to do? It really isn’t! There are so many long distance service providers in Canada that you can definitely save money by switching away from Bell, MTS, Rogers, SaskTel, or Telus. Switching is easy, sometimes not even requiring you to make any changes to your existing service, so there is really no reason not to switch!

As part of the new Services section, our Guide To Saving Money Using Long Distance Providers is now complete and lists all of the major long distance service providers that you can choose to save big on your long distance costs through your home phone and, in some cases, your cell phone as well. Here are a few highlights:

Direct Dial Long Distance – 2.2 Cents Per Minute

By switching your long distance provider but keeping your existing home phone service you can lower your Canadian long distance rates to as little as 2.2¢/min and continue making your long distance calls exactly how you do today. Telehop has a plan that allows you to pick any two countries where you will receive an additional discount off their already low long distance rates on a permanent basis. If you switch to Telehop and pick Canada as one of your two discounted countries, then you will qualify for this very low 2.2¢/min direct dial long distance rate.

Unlimited Direct Dial Canadian Long Distance – $8.99 Monthly

Again Telehop has the most competitive monthly long distance package for unlimited calls anywhere in Canada with their $8.99 Canada-wide long distance package.

Dial Around Long Distance – 2.0 Cents Per Minute

With dial around long distance, you don’t have to make any changes to your existing phone service. Typically all you need to do is dial a 7-digit number first before you place your long distance call and you will immediately qualify for lower rates and the charges for the call will still show up on your existing home phone telephone bill. 10-10-229 in particular has an extremely low rate of 2¢/min for calls placed to either Canada or the USA using their dial around service.

50 Minutes of Long Distance For 50 Cents

Another dial around service, Alo, allows you to place a 50 minute call for only 50 cents, yielding an effective per minute rate of 1¢/min. That’s pretty hard to beat without using VoIP or extra cheap calling cards!

Head on over to the new guide to get all the details:

Save Money Using Long Distance Providers >>

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Theresa Bumstead
Theresa Bumstead's picture

Hi there,

I pay $9.99 + tax=$11.29/month from Sears long distance.

Covers up to 500 minutes US and Canada anytime

I think it's a pretty good deal

Thanks! Love you site

December 27, 2010 @ 11:58 pm
SavingMentor's picture

Thanks Theresa for posting about the Sears long distance plan. I hadn't heard of that one actually and it sounds pretty decent. Although it isn't unlimited, it is only $10/mth and it is for both the USA and Canada, so definitely not bad. I will take a look at all the sears plans and consider adding them to my comparison tables.

Have you considered using a VoIP long distance provider to lower your long distance costs even further?

December 28, 2010 @ 2:38 pm
Nora's picture
Hi! I would like to be able to make long distance calls from Alberta to Mexico at the lowest rate. I'm not calling Mexico City but one of the other cities with no special rates. Do you know of any company with excellent rates and no hidden info? Thanks, Nora
September 09, 2013 @ 9:48 pm
SavingMentor's picture
Hi Nora! Your best bet might be a phone card. The Cici card that I often recommend because it has no hidden fees costs only 2.8 cents per minute to all regions of Mexico and 6.7 for cell phones.
September 10, 2013 @ 8:20 pm
Nora's picture
Thank you! Is any company close to these rates? I mean, just in case I don't have credit in a card one day and I need to call urgently. I was with Comwave before but they seem to charge almost double now.
September 20, 2013 @ 11:20 am
George Allso
George Allso's picture

In 2002, in response to an advert in the Alliston Herald, my wife signed up with Telehop. At some time since then a change of some sort was made and we have since been billed by 'The Todd Group"

Will you kindly clarify the situation since it appears that Telehop and The Todd Group are not one and the same.

July 30, 2017 @ 4:49 pm

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