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The Tangerine Cash Back Credit Card Review

Tangerine credit card review

If you're looking for a credit card that thinks outside the box when it comes to earning cash back rewards, you've come to the right place.

The no-fee Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card is a top contender. It lets you choose up to 3 categories to earn unlimited 2% cash back rewards, from a choice of 10 categories.

No other credit card in the market will let you do that. Plus, if your spending patterns change, you can adjust which categories earn 2% rewards accordingly.

And while it only earns (unlimited) 0.5% on everything else, it still ranks as one of the top 10 best no fee cash back cards in Canada right now.

This 0.5% earn rate may make this card less attractive, but all you need to get around it is to be creative and combine it with another credit card to maximize your rewards. Check out the maximize your rewards section below to find out how.

All-in-all, Tangerine has a winning card here and should be seriously considered as an addition to anyone's wallet. Keep reading » about The Tangerine Cash Back Credit Card Review

Free Gift Card Offers (Up To $100 To Popular Stores)

Last updated:  February 5, 2019

Free Gift Card Offers (Up To $100 To Popular Stores)

I've been touting free gift card offers on the site for a long time now: see here, here, and here.

Most of them have been for a free $100 gift card for or other popular Canadian stores. These gift cards are usually in return for being accepted for an awesome credit card, which will earn you even more free money in cash back or travel rewards.

These credit cards also usually come with no annual fee (at least for the first year) and some juicy sign-up bonus points to boot.

Then, after the first year, there's no obligation to continue with the card if you decide it isn't for you.

It's really a fantastic deal and one I've taken advantage of several times myself. Keep reading » about Free Gift Card Offers (Up To $100 To Popular Stores)

Your Free Money - 14 Ways To Claim It Now

14 ways to claim your free money

Is free money too good to be true?

If someone comes up to you and offers you free money, no strings attached - what would you do?

I know. You’d probably keep walking in the other direction…But here’s the thing:

There is actually a ton of free money available to most Canadians just waiting to be taken advantage of.

But first - let’s answer a couple of questions...

Where does (legit) free money come from?

It could come from the government, your employer, a business looking for new customers - or simply by choosing to give your bank less money (because they have enough of it for goodness sake!).

What do I require from you to get access to all this money?

The willingness to spend a little time and take ACTION. You need to get organized and follow through on making some simple changes to your life. Then, watch the free money and savings start rolling in.

If that sounds good to you - then let’s get started.

A Note About Claiming Your Free Money

Keep reading » about Your Free Money - 14 Ways To Claim It Now

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite 4% Cash Back Credit Card

Last updated: November 2, 2018

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite 4% Cash Back Credit Card

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite has been a favorite among cash back loving Canadians for a while now, but there were two big things stopping many of us, including myself, from applying for one.

  • There are categories for earning cash back, as opposed to a flat rate across all spending.
  • No sign up bonus for applying, so why switch?

However, with the recent MBNA de-valuations, now might be the perfect time for the switch. Keep reading » about The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite 4% Cash Back Credit Card

MBNA Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus Mastercard

Class Platinum
Type Mastercard
Issuer MBNA
Annual Fee $75
Interest Rate 19.99%
Min. Income $35,000
Reward Type Airline Miles
Reward 1 mile / $1 spent
Reward Return Up to 2.5% or more
Sign Up Bonus 20,000 miles
Grace Period 21+ days
Apply Sign Up

The MBNA Alaska Airlines Mastercard is a great airline miles travel rewards credit card because it offers a comparatively low annual fee, a huge sign up bonus, cheap companion tickets, free lounge passes, and multiple partners to redeem with. 

When compared to any other miles based credit card like the CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite, it easily comes out on top when you consider the whole package of bonus, rewards from spending, and the annual discounted companion voucher. Keep reading » about MBNA Alaska Airlines Platinum Plus Mastercard

Best Credit Cards in Canada 2018

Last updated: February 13, 2019

The best credit cards in Canada

What Canadian credit cards give the best best bang for our buck?

That’s what these rankings are all about.

These cards rose up to the top because they offer the very best in their respective category. If you’re looking for cash, travel, no fees, insurance, or even the best overall card – we’ve got you covered.

But, how do you decide which is best for you?

Only you can really answer that question. Here are some basic things to consider:

  • Keep your spending habits in mind. How much you spend and where you spend it does matter. The key is to never overspend for the sake of rewards.
  • Travel or cash rewards. Most cards can be broken down into one of these two camps. Travel cards usually give higher value rewards but lack the complete flexibility of cash.
  • Point value matters. If you go with a travel or points card, it’s pretty easy to see which cards earn more points. But, keep in mind that not all points have the same value. That’s why we show you an estimated real dollar value for the rewards you will earn.
  • More than just rewards. Credit cards have a lot of features, perks, and insurance coverage outside of rewards. Our top cards aren’t just there for the rewards. Don’t miss out on all their other great features too.

We tracked 160 credit cards in Canada, reviewed over 50 features of each card, calculated the dollar value of each card reward ‒ and let the numbers speak for itself.

Of course, the decision of whether the winner meets your needs is still yours...but you won't find a better starting point than this: Keep reading » about Best Credit Cards in Canada 2018

Best No Fee Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada 2018

Last updated: November 30, 2018

Best no annual fee cash back credit cards in Canada

Can anyone who wants to save money resist free?

The billion dollar points and reward industry is built on free. So are billion dollar tech companies offering free premium services (hi Facebook)...

...And credit cards with decent rewards for a $0 annual fee are equally hard to resist.

For me, I tolerate the fees that come with premium cash back credit cards – because I pocket net positive rewards even after I take the fee out of the equation. (Not to mention the other perks I get as well.)

But, there are also times when it might be better to go with a no annual fee credit card, for example:

  • You mostly use debit or cash for purchases.
  • You spend less than $1,500 per month on your card and simple math shows that the cash back you would earn will NOT cover the fees you have to pay.
  • You worry if you would overspend to make up for having a card with an annual fee.
  • You're looking for a no fee Mastercard or Visa to pair with your premium Amex card (so you're covered in acceptance all around).
  • You just can't stand paying hefty fees.

If one of these is you, then the question becomes: which no fee card is best?

Best Cash Back Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

Keep reading » about Best No Fee Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada 2018

Which Aeroplan Credit Card is REALLY Best?

Last updated: February 13, 2019

The best Aeroplan credit cards

The ticking divorce between Air Canada and Aeroplan on June 2020 is two years away and Esso just announced that Aeroplan members can no longer collect miles from their 1,800+ gas stations effective May 31st.

Now the question we all have is:

Are Aeroplan credit cards still worth considering?

The good news is this coming change is sure to create increased competition as Aeroplan works hard to keep the loyalty of its members and Air Canada fights to take them away – competition does breed excellance, afterall.

Aeroplan has also stated a plan to allow redemption “with multiple airlines” past the dreaded date. Which means that you should be able to redeem your miles for flights on Air Canada past the deadline.

(However, it’s still best to try to redeem your miles before 2020 as the points required for flights after that date will likely rise.)

Sure, Aeroplan’s wings may have been clipped, but if their recent announcement of a new partnership with is any indication ‒ then they’re not going down without a fight.

It’ll be interesting to see what other partners they gain in the next two years.

Aeroplan Credit Cards Compared and Ranked for 2018

Who has the best Aeroplan branded credit card? Is it TD, CIBC, or American Express?

We even include credit cards without the Aeroplan brand as long as you’re able to transfer the points you earn to Aeroplan miles.

15 different Aeroplan credit cards have been compared and ranked in the table below from best to worst.

Also, please note that the table scrolls horizontally by using the slider at the bottom. Keep reading » about Which Aeroplan Credit Card is REALLY Best?

Best Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada 2018

Last updated: November 1, 2018

Best cash back credit cards in Canada

Not all cash back credit cards are created equal. On the high end, a cash back card could have you enjoying 2% return on all your spending ‒ and on the low end, some cards only offer 0.4% back.

Simple enough, right? But here’s where things get complicated...

If perks and insurance are something you enjoy or if you’re looking for a card that won’t hold your cash hostage for an entire year ‒ then there are more factors to take into account more than just the return on spending.

Not only that, some cards are riddled with hoops and frustrating tiers that take away the ease and simplicity of cash back cards.

The point? It pays to look at the details.

2018 Cash Back Credit Card Rankings

Keep reading » about Best Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada 2018