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MBNA Starwood Preferred Guest Mastercard

Class Platinum
Type Mastercard
Issuer MBNA
Annual Fee $0
Interest Rate 19.99%
Min. Income $35,000
Reward Type Travel Points
Reward 1 point / $2 spent
Reward Return 2-6%
Sign Up Bonus 5,000 points
Grace Period ~30 days
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This credit card is part of our Canadian credit card Hall Of Fame. This page contains historical information as it was when the credit card was either still available or when it was at its peak and is for reference purposes only. Please refer to The Best Credit Cards In Canada page for currently available Canadian credit cards.

The MBNA Starwood Preferred Guest Mastercard was the best travel rewards credit card in Canada for a very long time because it had no annual fee, offered conversions to airline miles in almost any airline rewards program, and had significant earning and transfer bonuses that made it even better than expensive annual fee cards like the CIBC Aerogold Infinite Visa. It was actually the card I personally recommended to friends and family until it was discontinued in 2009 and replaced by The Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express. Keep reading » about MBNA Starwood Preferred Guest Mastercard