Budget Home Decorating Ideas

Budget-friendly home decorating DIY projects

It can be frustrating to shop for home accessories when it feels like everything is out of your price range.

Twenty-five dollars for a single photo frame?! Sixty dollars for a mirror?! Wait, that can’t be right – $40 for a black and white canvas that looks like it was painted by a toddler?!

Don’t despair that your home will never be decorated…

There are tips and ideas that can give you the personalized, comfortable home you’ve been craving – you just need to get a little creative.

Here are my favourite crafty ways to accessorize a home on a tight budget...

Make a knock-off

Just because something retails for $500 doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make it at home.

Surf around your favourite home decor blogs – or even the sites of high-end home retailers – to see what’s trending in the home accessories category.

If you look at the pieces with a creative eye, you’ll start seeing which items could be replicated for a fraction of the cost.

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Chrysanthemum Mirrors

Project idea: Copy the look of those chrysanthemum mirrors using a couple of packages of plastic spoons – yes, spoons!

  • Snip off the handles and glue them to a circle of cardboard (they’ll look like petals), then...
  • Spray-paint the whole thing, and...
  • Glue a small mirror in the centre for a piece no one will think is homemade.

Cost is approximately between $10 and $15 on supplies depending on what you already have you can re-use, compared to $100 for a designer version.


Raid the recycle bin

Mason jars have taken over Pinterest because everyone goes crazy for the rustic “modern farmhouse” look – whether it’s for a wedding or day-to-day use in home decor.

Mason Jar Organizer

Project idea: You can create beautiful, farmhouse-style bathroom storage, here’s how:

  • While you can certainly buy mason jars by the crate, they’re also free if you buy certain brands of pasta sauce, salsa, or preserves.
  • Rinse them out, remove the label, and you’ve got a home accessory waiting to come to life.
  • Secure mason jars to a board using an unexpected helping hand: hose clips from the hardware store.

This is a great solution for keeping cotton swabs, makeup brushes, and cotton balls off the counter.

Cost is approximately between $10 and $15 depending on what you already have you can re-use, compared to $30 for a similar store-bought version.

Spray it stylish

A little spray paint can refresh even the oldest accessories, whether you’re painting a lamp base or recolouring a collection of dated tchotchkes to bring them into the new millennium.

Get a glossy high-contrast finish or spray something with matte white paint to give it the look of a pricey ceramic – the choice is yours!

Dishwashing Caddy

Project idea: How about a stylish sink caddy for storing dish soap and sponges up off the counter:

  • Stack a couple of cake pedestals, plates, and glasses – anything secondhand or from the Dollar Store works (it doesn’t matter if they’re different colours), and…
  • Krazy-Glue them together, then spray the whole thing a solid colour.

Cost is approximately between $10 and $15 – or free, if you have the dishes, glue, and paint on hand.


Check clearance sections

Sometimes you can find incredible deals on home decor just because their packaging is torn or the line has been discontinued.

Even a damaged piece can sometimes be salvaged and wind up looking like a big-ticket item.

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Wall Mirror

Project idea: You can score a huge mirror with chips around the edges for far less than it’s worth, and it’s easy to hide the damage by surrounding it with a simple wooden frame.

A banged-up mirror might be $10 or $20 depending on the size plus cost of other optional supplies, when a new one retails for $160+.

Raid the Dollar Store

We know, we know – the Dollar Store certainly isn’t the first place that pops into your head if you’re shopping for home decor.

There are tacky frames and strangely-painted canvases, and we won’t even get started on the bizarre figurines.

But there are some hidden gems in there that can turn into really neat pieces.

Pedestal Photo Frames

Project idea: A can of spray paint and a glue-gun are all you need to turn Dollar Store picture frames and candlesticks into these neat raised photo frames.

Who cares if the frames are a weird colour or the candlesticks are super gaudy? Nobody will know once everything’s painted!

Cost is approximately between $5 and $10.


Get your craft on

We’ve all heard the joke that you can buy something for $10 or make it for $92.32 worth of craft supplies. But most of the time, it really is far less expensive to create your own home decor.

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String Wall Art

Project idea: Turn a piece of wood into a beautiful reminder of your home province with nothing more than a bit of string, some nails, and a piece of chalk.

This makes a meaningful housewarming gift, too, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Your favourite DIY home decor project?

What was it, how much did it cost, and how much did you save? Share your ideas below!

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