How To Save Money On Long Distance

howtosavemoneyonlongdistance.jpgLong distance used to be so expensive that conversations were typically kept short and loved ones in distant cities were called infrequently because the costs were just too prohibitive for most people to have frequent or lengthy conversations. In recent years all that has changed as prices have dropped dramatically from what they once were and there is a plethora of options for saving money on long distance thanks to modern advances in technology. So then why is it that cell phone companies in Canada are still charging as much as 40 cents per minute for domestic long distance? That’s practically highway robbery!

With everyone used to paying astronomical prices for their long distance, many people think that the prices charged by their phone company are reasonable because they have dropped so much. Paying 10 cents per minute would definitely be acceptable to many and 5 cents per minute would seem like a bargain to those same folks! They might be shocked to find out that there are many ways to get long distance much cheaper than that and in some cases you can even get long distance to Canada and the United States for FREE.

This guide will cover all of cheapest and best options for Canadians to save money on long distance so lets get started!

1) Use Calling Cards With Your Existing Services

The easiest way to reduce your long distance bill without making any substantial changes to your existing services is to use calling cards for all of your outgoing long distance calls. Another plus is that calling cards can literally be used anywhere on any phone including your home phone, cell phone, other people’s phones, pay phones, and hotel phones. And, depending on where you live in Canada, using calling cards can easily reduce your long distance charges to less than 1 cent per minute.

Calling cards can seem like a bit of a hassle to some people for lots of different reasons but most of those problems can be easily dealt with by employing a few simple strategies. Continue reading our guide to calling cards to find out about those strategies, get more information on how calling cards work, and what are the best calling cards available to Canadians!

Save Money Using Calling Cards >>

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2) Use A Dedicated Long Distance Service Provider

There are many providers of long distance that are entirely separate from your home phone or cell phone provider. These services can be used in a multitude of different ways. Some of them will replace your existing long distance entirely whenever you make a long distance call, while others require you to dial a special number first. Some of them will bill your credit card automatically on a per call basis or get added directly to your home phone bill, while others will require you to purchase credits in advance before you can make calls.

Many of these services are actually quite similar to calling cards, but they are usually more integrated with your existing service and require the creation of an account and some sort of registration of your phone numbers. Continue reading our guide to long distance providers to get answers to your questions about how these services work and to find a long distance provider that will save you money.

Save Money Using Long Distance Providers >>

3) Use Free Or Cheap VoIP Services To Make Your Long Distance Calls

Setting up traditional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be quite complicated but fortunately many companies have developed cheap or even free services built around VoIP technology that eliminate most of those complications and are in fact very easy to use! This is, by far, the cheapest way to make long distance calls because you can typically make unlimited long distance calls for either a small subscription fee or even absolutely free!

The two most popular such services that are available to Canadians are Skype and Google Voice. Continue reading our guide to VoIP devices and services to better understand how VoIP works and how you can leverage it to get all of your long distance calls for next to nothing.

Save Money Using VoIP Devices And Services >>


Check out the rest of Services section for ways to save money on all of your other services!


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