What Exactly Is The Best Canadian Rewards Program?

The best Canadian rewards programMany people think rewards programs aren’t worth their time because it seems like are collecting points for years but still don’t get a very worthwhile reward for the hassle of carrying around all that extra plastic in their wallet. Well, that much IS true! But only if you don’t take an active role in earning reward points by focusing on special events, coupons, and promotions so that you earn rewards much more quickly. Taking advantage of a good promotion can easily yield more rewards in one purchase than you could collect in a 5 year period of earning them at the regular rate!

That said, there is still one rewards program in Canada that stands out from all the others by making rewards so quick and easy to earn that it seems almost too good to be true. What do I mean by this? Well, for example, a couple of years back I was able to purchase some high end electronics, like an iPod for myself and an XBox 360 for my friend, and in doing so earn enough reward points to essentially pay for the cost of the items being purchased. What I mean is that the value of the rewards earned was greater than the total cost of the iPod and the XBox! What reward did I earn, you might ask? Essentially a store credit that could be used to buy food, personal hygiene products, and other general merchandise that I would need to purchase anyway. That’s right, it was as good as cash in my jeans, making the iPod and Xbox basically FREE! Doesn’t that sound too good to be true to you?

Well, for me, it gets even better! I have actually used this same rewards program to earn as much as $4,500 in free merchandise every single year for the past few years. You read that right, four thousand five hundred dollars! Now there is a catch; the main reason I am able to earn that much is because I have a very serious disease that requires me to purchase expensive medical supplies on a regular basis. These supplies are eligible to earn regular points as well as bonus points during points promotions, so my points add up extremely quickly. The good news for you is that, before I had this disease, I was still able to earn $500 to $1000 in rewards per year quite easily just by purchasing regular everyday essential items.

So What Rewards Program Could Possibly Be This Good?

I won’t keep you in suspense any longer! It’s the Shoppers Optimum rewards program by Shoppers Drug Mart. I bet you weren’t expecting that now were you Keep reading » about What Exactly Is The Best Canadian Rewards Program??

Cross Border Shopping Can Save You A Fortune

crossbordershoppingcansaveyouafortune.jpgMany Canadians at one time or another have done some shopping in the United States and most have probably remarked at how good the prices seemed while they were there. You’re probably one of them! But did it really stick with you? Do you realize exactly how much more we have to pay for things up here in Canada?

In the past couple of years, with the loonie doing so well, I have significantly increased my amount of cross border shopping. Actually, since the closest border town to me is 3 hours away and barely has any shopping centers, I have more technically increased the amount of my online cross border shopping. How is this possible when most online merchants either don’t ship to Canada or charge handsomely to do so? The answer is I don’t ship the items that I purchase to my home, I purchase and ship them right to the border in groups and go and pick them up there later.

How Much Cheaper Is It?

A lot! Although not for everything; you do have to pick and choose! Many items like food, clothing, and furniture can easily cost 50% less or more than the identical item would cost here in Canada. One easy way to find out what is cheaper and what isn’t, is to go online and visit a few Canadian E-tailers or even bricks and mortar stores and check out the prices of a few items you are interested in buying. Then proceed to similar American sites and look for the identical products to compare prices.

My favourite sites to do this with in the USA are Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Their inventory is so huge that they carry almost any mass produced product out there, so you’re almost sure to find what you’re looking for! They can also be great to buy from because Walmart.com has free shipping to any one of their own stores where you can pick up your order and Amazon.com has free shipping on almost any order over $25.

What Are Some Good Items To Buy?

Keep reading » about Cross Border Shopping Can Save You A Fortune

Earn Thousands Of Dollars In Credit Card Rewards

Earn thousands of dollars in credit card rewardsHave you ever wondered what the best credit card available in Canada is? Should you choose one with an annual fee or not? Are travel rewards credit cards worth the hassle, or should you just stick to a simple cash back credit card? Is signing up for a credit card even a good idea at all? These are all very good questions and, with the number of credit cards available in the Canadian marketplace today, making the right choice can seem nearly impossible.

With people like you in mind who are overwhelmed with the choices and not sure if it is even possible to determine “the best” credit card, we have put together a complete credit card guide that seeks to answer almost any question you might have in regards to credit cards. Not only that, but we have done a thorough analysis of the best credit cards on the market and come up with our own custom scoring system for comparing them in an objective manner. It takes many important factors into consideration such as the return a typical person can get on their credit card spending, the maximum return you can possibly achieve if you do everything just right, how flexible the credit card rewards are, and the quality of the insurance package that comes with the card.

It is actually our belief that every person who can qualify for a rewards credit card should be using one for every possible purchase that they make, so long as you are able to pay the balance in full every month! Unfortunately, not all people can handle the responsibility of having a credit card and when using one they find themselves overspending and getting deep in debt by spending money they don’t have. But, if you are a responsible spender or saver and you aren’t using a credit card, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table that would otherwise be in your pocket!

How Much Can You Really Earn With Credit Cards?

So all of this sounds nice, but when it comes right down to it, how much can you really earn with credit card rewards? Keep reading » about Earn Thousands Of Dollars In Credit Card Rewards