Calling Retentions Can Really Slash Your Bills

Calling retentions can slash your billsDo you ever think of how much the many services you use every day are costing you? When you add up the costs for a home phone, cable TV, cell phones, high speed internet, and anything else you might be signed up for, it can amount to a lot of money! And they are the worst kind of expenses too, monthly recurring payments.

When you first look at price tag of these services, it doesn’t seem like all that much because the total cost is split up into small monthly payments that appear manageable. However, if you add up the total cost for the year or even your lifetime you can see that these seemingly small costs are bleeding you dry. How is that people can afford to pay $100 a month after taxes and fees for an iPhone with a decent number of minutes and lots of data? That’s an astonishing $1200 a year or $12,000 over a ten year period! When you think about it, you might even be able to buy a car for $12,000 that would last you those same ten years. Isn’t that ridiculous? And that’s just for one service, most people have several!

Unfortunately, most of us are too tied to these services to eliminate them from our lives completely, so what else can you do? Keep reading » about Calling Retentions Can Really Slash Your Bills

Your Music: Free, Legal, And Unlimited!

yourmusicfreelegalandunlimited.jpgDo you ever find managing your music library frustrating? Are you always missing that perfect song when you need it because you forgot to transfer it to your iPod, computer, or phone? Do you find the music you’ve purchased can get old really fast and it is expensive to keep buying more? The good news is, now you can get all the music you want freely, legally, and without restrictions streamed on demand to your computer or your internet connected mobile devices! It’s not just in the United States either; many of these services are available free to Canadians!

First, a little history! For several years now there have been a plethora of internet radio sites, music upload sites, and social music sites that have come and gone. Many of them faced intense legal battles with the record companies and just couldn’t hang on while others struggled to earn enough advertising revenue to justify their existence. Fast forward to today and the record companies are now starting to ease up and accept the digital age, the music sites are becoming more useful and less restrictive, and better revenue streams are being developed so they can fund their operations and actually pay royalties to the artists as well. It has actually become so good now that I have essentially ceased purchasing CDs or MP3s because my music library can now contain nearly any song imaginable, is more portable than ever before, and the online interfaces are practically as good, or better, than Windows Media Player and iTunes ever were.

So what are these sites you might ask? Well, there are many, and I will mention some of the best of them right here, but one site in particular has caught and held my attention ever since I first laid eyes on it, It took me years to find this site, and believe me I looked. I really don’t know how I missed it for so long! I tried many other sites like, Pandora, YouTube, Deezer, Songza, IMEEM, and Lala but they all fell far short of the Grooveshark experience and now I barely give the others a second glance.

Go To GroovesharkI consider to be the first music site that has actually done everything right by letting users listen to high quality music their way without restrictions of any kind, having an easy to use interface that I find to be more enjoyable to use than standalone music players, and by making an honest attempt to meet the needs of recording artists through both royalties and great advertising opportunities. I’m actually listening to Grooveshark right now as I type this, as I almost always do when working at a computer!

So what are some of the best features Grooveshark offers? Keep reading » about Your Music: Free, Legal, And Unlimited!