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The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite 4% Cash Back Credit Card

Last updated: November 2, 2018

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite 4% Cash Back Credit Card

The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite has been a favorite among cash back loving Canadians for a while now, but there were two big things stopping many of us, including myself, from applying for one.

  • There are categories for earning cash back, as opposed to a flat rate across all spending.
  • No sign up bonus for applying, so why switch?

However, with the recent MBNA de-valuations, now might be the perfect time for the switch. Keep reading » about The Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite 4% Cash Back Credit Card

Starwood Preferred Guest Program Review

 SPG and Marriott Rewards Combined Loyalty Program Review

With all the drama Aeroplan has been going through these past few months…

Many consumers are starting to rethink their travel rewards program.

Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG), which has recently been acquired by Marriott Rewards and is now part of a unified program, is an incredibly flexible travel rewards program that allows consumers to earn points to use on either their next hotel stay or a plethora of other attractive rewards.

In fact, it’s my all-time favourite travel rewards program that I once used to fly Maria and I to Paris for 10 days with most of the airfare and hotel expenses paid just with Starpoints (from before the SPG Marriott merge).

Read on to find out why it’s so good: Keep reading » about Starwood Preferred Guest Program Review

How To Maximize Starbucks Rewards

How to maximize Starbucks rewards

Starbucks seems like the last place you’d want to go to save money and I definitely wouldn’t suggest people take up a daily latte habit if they don’t want to drink all their money away!

However, the fact remains that Starbucks is an immensely popular spot and people flock there in droves – maybe not quite as much as Tim Hortons here in Canada, but Starbucks sure isn’t suffering either. Profit margins on coffee and beverages are INSANE, so it’s definitely a good business to be in.

It only gets really expensive once you start ordering the specialty drinks, which I do a few times a year as a nice treat... 

Sure, you can make them yourself if you want, but I like the convenience and experience of picking one up on the go. Keep reading » about How To Maximize Starbucks Rewards

‘Money Master the Game’ Review

‘Money Master the Game’ Review

Tony Robbins seems like he knows a few things about confidence, health, and mental and spiritual growth.

But does he know anything about money?

I bought Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins about three years ago and it sat on my bookshelf for just as long. (I just looked at it, hoping that I could absorb 600 pages of information through osmosis.)

Originally, my friend, Greg, had recommended the book to me. He was in the process of buying his sixth or seventh new income property when he had read the book and started raving about it.

This seemed like a strong recommendation from someone who knows his stuff, so I took his word for it. He said he had learned some simple, but important investment principles, and he was using them to to his advantage.

Then I started reading...

Keep reading » about ‘Money Master the Game’ Review