40x The Points Is Back At Shoppers Drug Mart!


If you are unfamiliar with the Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum rewards program, then you can catch up by reading our complete guide to the Shoppers Optimum program to better understand the contents of this post.

This Saturday is a 20x Points Day at Shoppers Drug Mart, which is a great promotion in its own right. However, from time to time the stars align in such a way that it becomes possible to get 40x the points when purchasing select products during a 20x points promotion. This Saturday is one of those rare times!

What Products Qualify For 40x Points?

Shoppers has starting carrying a new line of food products called Simply Food which is another one of their store brands much like Life and Nativa Organics. According to reviews I have been reading on various discussion forums the food is very tasty and almost all of the different products they offer are excellent. Here is a partial list of products that they offer under the Simply Food brand:

Chicken Nuggets | Chicken Strips | Chicken Wings | Cookies * | Crackers * | Dips | French Fries | Frozen Vegetables * | Fruit Snacks | Granola Bars * | Jam * | Kettle Chips * | Kettle Popcorn | Pasta Sauce * | Salsa | Shrimp | Tea * | Tortilla Chips

* Items marked with a star have several different flavours or varieties to choose from.

    How Much Is 40x Points Worth?

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    The Famous RBC Avion Transfer Promotions Are Back!

    For those who don’t already know, I am a huge advocate of credit cards for people who are capable of using them responsibly as a means of earning thousands of dollars in rewards each year. More importantly if you choose to have a credit card then you should have one of the best credit cards available that gives you the maximum return for the money you spend on the card. If you are unfamiliar with credit cards or unsure if you have the best possible card for your needs, then you should read through our comprehensive credit cards section to get up to speed.

    The Royal Bank Avion Platinum or Infinite credit card is one of the best and most flexible travel rewards credit cards in Canada. It is actually the card ranked 3rd in the travel category of our study of the best credit cards available in Canada.

    One of the main reasons this card is so good is that you can transfer your points at a 1:1 ratio to either the British Airways Executive Club or the American Airlines AAdvantage rewards programs. Doing so is already a good idea because it eliminates the dollar amount caps on point values that are part of the standard RBC Avion point redemption process. This allows you to book the most expensive routes within a given part of the world without paying more points and thus giving you much greater value. Keep reading » about The Famous RBC Avion Transfer Promotions Are Back!

    Out Of Season Clearance Clothes For Less Than Second Hand

    Out of season clearance clothes for less than second handPaying full retail price for clothes is extremely expensive! There is so much high end designer clothing available these days that we are constantly being bombarded by advertisements and pressure to dress fashionably while paying top dollar to do so. But is paying those high retail prices really necessary when purchasing brand new clothing from your local mall or department store?

    The answer to that question is a resounding no! You don’t need to shop in second hand stores to find cheap prices on clothing! The fact of the matter is that the clothes themselves are quite cheap to manufacture and the market is literally flooded with supply due to all the players in the clothing industry. However, the retail prices on clothes remain high because every clothing line attempts to build an impeccable brand that every person wants to own. They spend millions of dollars on advertising, beautifying their stores, and designing the next big thing. Then, on top of all those costs, is a massive mark up to ensure a healthy profit for the retailer. When you buy an article of clothing you are really paying primarily for all of those superfluous costs, not the cost to manufacture it.

    Abundant Supply Should Mean Low Prices

    With all the competition out there and the abundance of supply it is truly amazing that retail prices remain so high for articles of clothing that likely cost only a few dollars to manufacture and ship to their point of sale. Not only that, but styles and seasons change frequently and most stores don’t like to keep leftover stock into the next season let alone the next year! With all the extra supply there is undoubtedly many unsold items remaining in almost every store by the time the next season rolls around. So what do they do with them all?

    Well, to decrease supply and make sure that people don’t get their clothes for free some retailers will resort to destroying their unsold clothes and throwing them out by the bagful. However, most retailers choose more responsible alternatives:

    • Send the clothes to one of their outlet stores for sale at reduced prices.
    • Sell the clothes cheaply to discount stores like Winners.
    • Continually mark down unsold items and place them on clearance racks until somebody buys them.
    • Donate clothes that are still unsold or can’t be monetized in some other way to charity.

    Buying Clothes Out Of Season

    The third bullet above is the key to getting brand name brand new clothes for less than it would cost to shop second hand! With all this extra clothing floating around, almost every store will put even their best clothes on clearance when it comes time for their new inventory to arrive. This happens consistently and reliably a couple of months into every season of every year and is something you can easily plan for. Keep reading » about Out Of Season Clearance Clothes For Less Than Second Hand

    Long Distance Is Cheap: Are You Paying Too Much?

    longdistanceischeapareyoupayingtoomuch.jpgWith technology developing at breakneck speeds, the price of long distance has plummeted rapidly in the past ten years. Not only has the cost of long distance over wired phone lines dropped dramatically, but it is even less when using internet technologies like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). However, this doesn’t stop your home phone or cell phone service providers from trying to gouge you with rates as high as 35 cents per minute for long distance within Canada and the USA.

    Nowadays, many home phone providers have dropped their rates to be more competitive and a common rate to pay would be 5 cents per minute. This seems like an amazing improvement when you consider the older rates, but the fact of the matter is you can easily achieve rates as low as 1 cent per minute using calling cards or FREE or almost free using VoIP related technologies and services! Make sure you read the entire post so you get to see all of the best and free options! Keep reading » about Long Distance Is Cheap: Are You Paying Too Much?