Investing In Mutual Funds: A List Of Pros And Cons

Investing in mutual funds: a list of pros and cons

In Nailing the Basics of Mutual Funds, we went through mutual fund basics, like: what they are, the different types, and…

...what to keep in mind when certain mutual funds are being recommended to you by your friendly neighbourhood financial advisor or investment professional.

In this post, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of owning mutual funds.

Sure mutual funds provide a number of advantages...but they also come with some disadvantages that should NOT be overlooked.

So let’s get started.

5 advantages of owning mutual funds

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How To Save Money at Fairs, Carnivals and Exhibitions

How to save money at fairs, carnivals and exhibitions

One look at the price they’re charging for a hot dog – seriously, we’re all in the wrong business – is enough to make you think twice about coming back to a carnival or exhibition next summer.

But it doesn't have to be a painfully pricey experience to watch your child delight over the merry-go-round, watch a horse show, and pet a friendly goat…

Fairs, carnivals, and exhibitions can be wonderful places to spend time with your family – and they don’t have to cost you a kidney.

Here are a few tips that will make it more affordable to hit up your local fair, carnival, exhibition, or any other outdoor event that’s trying to charge $10 for an order of cold french fries...

Plan ahead

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Free Gift Card Offers (Up To $100 To Popular Stores)

Free gift card offers (Up to $100 to popular stores)

I've been touting free gift card offers on this site for a long time now: see here, here, and here. Most of them have been a free $100 gift card to or another popular Canadian store in return for applying for an awesome credit card that earns you even more free money in cash back or travel rewards.

These credit cards usually also come with no annual fee (at least for the first year) and sometimes a hefty points sign up bonus to boot. Then, after the first year, there is no obligation to continue with the card if you decide it isn't for you. It's really a fantastic deal and one I've taken advantage of several times myself.

Since this has become a pretty regular thing, I thought I should make a permanent page that lists legitimate free gift card offers that I am aware of and will continue to update at the beginning of every month.

Proof That It Works

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How Much Is Reasonable to Spend on Alcohol Every Month?

How much is reasonable to spend on alcohol every month?

With all of the articles you see about the fact that millennials are spending more on coffee than they’re saving for retirement…

I’ve been waiting for the follow up article:

Millennials are likely spending more on alcohol than they’re saving for retirement, too.

And I’ve been waiting for that article precisely because, even as a person who enjoys the occasional (or, if we’re being honest, not-so-occasional) latte, my monthly craft-beer-and-wine budget often tops my coffee budget.

And based on what I hear anecdotally from friends? I’m not alone on this.

So if beverages are ruining millennial’s retirement, and if we’ve already talked lattes to death…

Let’s switch gears for a second and ask a different question.

Less “Will a $5 latte sink my retirement?”, and more:

“Am I spending too much on beer, wine and alcoholic drinks? And uh… how do I know if I’ve hit that point?”

The answer will likely be highly personal. Because alcohol itself is highly personal.

From your favourite type of wine, to the reasons you don’t indulge.

But here’s a look at why we’re spending so much on alcohol, and how to get a handle on your booze budget.

How did alcohol become such a big budget line item?

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