Reining In Your Holiday Spending – Without Being a Grinch

Reining in your holiday spending – without being a Grinch

It’s that time of year – the time when you look up and realize that despite your best intentions last January, you may not actually have started saving a set amount each month for the holidays this year…

...and whoops, the spendy season is almost here.

Don’t worry, this post is for Real Life.

So, that’ll be the ONLY mention of what to do in an ideal world (you know, the save-ahead-of-time-to-cover-your-holiday-spending spiel).

Because luckily, it’s entirely possible to rein in your spending but still have a wonderful holiday.

Here’s what you need to know about cutting your holiday spending...without being a total grinch about it.

Know your plans

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Review: SimplyCash Preferred From American Express

American Express SimplyCash Preferred review

The SimplyCash Preferred Card from American Express is like the big brother to the no-fee SimplyCash card in that it has higher cash back and more perks, but comes with an annual fee of $99 to account for them.

You’ll get 2% cash back on ALL purchases, which is a really good rate, and the annual fee is less than many of its main competitors.

However, this card definitely fills a nice niche that you will begin to appreciate as you peruse the pros and cons below. The sign up bonus that is effectively worth $300 is also nothing to sneeze at because none of the other cash back cards come close to this - they typically come in at around $100, if a bonus is offered at all.

Quick Facts

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Online Side Hustles for Creative People

Online side hustles for creative people

If you’re creative and hard-working, then there are ways you can pull extra cash each month.

Side hustles are something you do – before or after your day job – to generate extra income, whether it’s to paid down debt, put aside more savings, or treat yourself to something that’s not in your budget.

There have always been traditional part-time gigs like babysitting, doing yard work, and cleaning houses. But creative people are finding more fun ways to boost their income while using their talents or pursuing hobbies they enjoy.

It’s just a matter of finding the right hustle for you...


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The War On Debt: How NOT to keep up with the Joneses

The war on debt: how not to keep up with the Joneses

Chances are, the Joneses are in debt, too.

They may be depending on a higher income to pay it all back, but it doesn't matter, because we’ll never know.

People don’t talk about what they make or what they owe.

But we do care about appearances—at least I do.

In self-employment, I want to give the appearance of busyness to engender confidence in potential clients and reap actual business. Success begets success.

The same thing applies to my personal life. I want to look successful in the eyes of my peers.

“By this time, and this age, this is where I should be, this is what I should have, and this is what I should be able to do.”

Unfortunately, life has not turned out as I expected. Not at all.

Do you need a paradigm shift?

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