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How I Saved $468 In A Month By Living Abroad

How I Saved $468 Living Abroad

"How do you afford to travel?"

I get this question a lot.

As a writer living in New Brunswick, I’m certainly not making the big bucks. And as much as I begged and pleaded my parents to be billionaires, it’s not like I have a trust fund to fall back on either.

So when I go on adventures for months at a time, people get confused as to how I’m actually able to afford it.

Truth is, travel in today’s age is incredibly inexpensive. With rewards programs, discount airlines and cheap accommodations – not to mention endless possibilities for remote work – you don’t need a lot of money to travel the world.

Because in my experience, travelling the world is actually cheaper than living at home. Keep reading » about How I Saved $468 In A Month By Living Abroad

Score Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Score Free Stuff On Your Birthday

On your special day, it’s nice to be celebrated by family and friends…

But did you know there are a lot of businesses who would also like to celebrate you?

There are plenty of restaurants and stores that offer freebies or discounts on your birthday.

Keep in mind that most places require you to subscribe to their newsletter BEFORE your birthday in order to receive these freebies. And in some cases, you'll need to make a purchase to qualify.

And while you may not have time to hit up all these places on your birthday, select your favorite few to maximize the rewards. Keep reading » about Score Free Stuff On Your Birthday

Where To Get Free Samples In Canada

Where To Get Free Samples In Canada

If you’re a conscious consumer, spending your hard earned money on household items that turn out to be useless or ineffective is really disappointing.

Worse yet, spending that money hurts much more if those item were expensive.

One antidote to wasting money is to be able to try new products before actually purchasing them.

Many companies understand that consumers want to have trust in a new product before investing in them ‒ and will then send free samples or coupons so customers can try their products.

Below is a list of websites and companies that offer free samples to consumers, allowing you to try products before committing to purchasing them. Also included is a list of brands that offer freebies for subscribing to their email list. Keep reading » about Where To Get Free Samples In Canada