7 Steps To Get Ahead With Your First Paycheque

Tips on managing your first paychequeYou did it!

You officially finished school and you landed your first job.

Along with that, the long–anticipated First Paycheque just hit your bank account.

Although this makes me sound like I’m 80 years old, I remember my first paycheque well…

I got paid monthly, so when it showed up in my account, I felt like a very, very rich lady.

Just kidding. I felt like a new grad on a budget, which was the appropriate reaction.

So yes, I was getting paid for my work, instead of getting graded on it. I now needed to make this very limited amount of money cover ALL of my monthly needs. (And stretch it to include a few wants.)

Luckily, I had read a personal finance book or two in my time (#nerdalert) so I wasn’t flying blind – and you don’t have to either.

Here are 7 steps you need to take to make the most of your first paycheque. And still have a little bit of fun along the way.

1. Figure Out How Much You Make After Taxes

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Which Aeroplan Credit Card is REALLY Best?

The best Aeroplan credit cards

Air Canada just dropped a big bombshell by announcing that they are clipping Aeroplan's wings by removing it as their official rewards program in 2020.

Aeroplan was in fact an invention of Air Canada themselves but was first spun off as a separate company and then completely sold to Amia in 2008. Since then, they've walked hand in hand and have been practically indistinguishable from one another. That's about to change... but is it a good or bad thing for Aeroplan collectors?

There are no guarantees, but what is guaranteed is that this will create increased competition as Aeroplan works hard to keep the loyalty of its members and Air Canada wrestles to take them away. That fight is going to spill over into the credit card arena as well and you can expect sign up bonuses and perks to take off as we get closer to that date.

Through all of this, Aeroplan is committing to keeping your miles safe and allowing you to continue redeeming them for flights on Air Canada even after the 2020 deadline. What could change is the cost in miles for doing so. I expect the cost will increase substantially, so if you want to fly Air Canada or Star Alliance, you should try and redeem most of your miles before 2020.

Even though Air Canada flight rewards will likely become less desirable, that doesn't necessarily mean that Aeroplan will become less valuable overall. They will be working hard to find a good alternatives to Air Canada that won't get them universally panned by the critics and create a ton of bad press for them.

It's time to strap in, because this is going to be a bumpy and exciting ride!

Aeroplan Credit Cards Compared and Ranked for 2017

Who has the best Aeroplan branded credit card? Is it TD, CIBC, or American Express?

You might be surprised to find out that the top card for earning Aeroplan miles doesn't even have Aeroplan in its name. That's because there are several cards that allow you to earn points that can be transferred to Aeroplan miles that actually boosts the value of your rewards!

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Budget Home Decorating Ideas

Budget-friendly home decorating DIY projects

It can be frustrating to shop for home accessories when it feels like everything is out of your price range.

Twenty-five dollars for a single photo frame?! Sixty dollars for a mirror?! Wait, that can’t be right – $40 for a black and white canvas that looks like it was painted by a toddler?!

Don’t despair that your home will never be decorated…

There are tips and ideas that can give you the personalized, comfortable home you’ve been craving – you just need to get a little creative.

Here are my favourite crafty ways to accessorize a home on a tight budget...

Make a knock-off

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Which AIR MILES Credit Card Is Best For 2017?

The best AIR MILES credit card

AIR MILES has come under fire recently for the mismanagement of their expiry policy and the availability of desirable rewards for consumers. They eventually backtracked and cancelled their expiration policy entirely.

With all the bad press, they are trying harder than ever to please their customers and keep them informed. They've redesigned their website to make it easier to use, they're emailing program updates on a regular basis now, and they're beefing up their security as well to help protect your hard-earned miles from thieves.

That doesn't mean all the problems are gone - and whether or not you continue to collect AIR MILES is completely up to you.

But, if you are going to collect, you might as well choose a top AIR MILES credit card to help you earn and redeem that much faster.

AIR MILES Credit Card Comparison

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