My Simple Strategy for Maximizing Air Miles

My simple strategy for maximizing Air MilesThere are a wide variety of sponsors that allow you to earn Air Miles, but each one rewards you with varying amounts of miles based on their own one-of-a-kind rewards structure. It can all get very confusing very quickly.

If you want to know all the ways you can earn, redeem and maximize Air Miles, then Stephen has already written a complete guide, which may just overwhelm you. However, I have found that we can earn a decent amount of Air Miles quickly and easily simply by shopping at a select few high earning sponsors as well as using a good Air Miles credit card.

I think it’s important for each individual to craft their own unique strategy based on what works for them taking into account your available time and energy to put into it. Settle on something repeatable that gives you maximum rewards per amount of time invested.

Maximizing Air Miles at Participating Sponsors

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Savings Account Interest Rate Chasing Can Be Rewarding

Savings account interest rate chasing can be rewardingI recently opened a new Tangerine savings account to take advantage of the $150 in sign up bonuses they are offering as part of their rebranding efforts. What I didn’t mention was that one of the main motivators for opening this new account, other than the sign up bonuses and great features, is to start doing a little bit of interest rate chasing.

Interest rate chasing – what’s that, you ask?

Well, it’s almost exactly as it sounds. It means you keep a keen eye out for the highest interest rates and you continually move your money around from bank to bank to make sure that you’re always getting the best rate. Sound like a lot of work, right?

Well, it could be a lot of work if you are inefficient with it and always jumping ship for an infinitesimal increase in your rate. It would also be a lot harder before the days of online banking, quick and easy electronic funds transfers, and nearly instant rate comparisons using the internet. Going into branches to open accounts, writing cheques to yourself or paying for money orders or wire transfers to move your money around, and then calling up every bank to keep on top of their rates would be a logistical nightmare.

Managing dozens of accounts can also be very cumbersome and stressful ... there must be a better way!

Chasing Interest Rates Can Be Easy

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The Platinum Card: Get 100,000 Aeroplan Miles FAST

The Platinum Card: get 100,000 Aeroplan miles fastLast week I told you how I got a $400 DSLR camera essentially free, which is a deal I think anyone would jump on given the chance. Today I’m doing an about face by breaking the news that I just signed up for a credit card with a $700 annual fee! Have I gone stark raving mad?

For a guy that professes to like saving money, that doesn’t seem like a very sensible thing to do now does it? Well, bear with me because while this strategy definitely isn’t for everyone, it does make a lot of sense.

Why Would I Ever Spend $700 On A Credit Card?

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How I Got A $400 Canon DSLR Camera Practically Free

How I got a $400 Canon DSLR camera practically freeI've said it time and time again: Shoppers Optimum is hands down the best Canadian rewards program because you can consistently get massive reward value without spending a fortune while simply buying things you normally would anyway. Those sentiments couldn't have rung truer than they did today.

You see, my second child is being born in a few days and I was under a lot of pressure to find a good camera for the occasion on short notice. Ok, so I was actually given months of warning, but I've been a busy guy and only started browsing a couple of weeks ago and got serious about it last week! Boy, did I get lucky on the timing of this deal.

Proof Shoppers Optimum Is Still Awesome!

Thursday I decided to check out the Shoppers Drug Mart flyer online because I know they sell cameras and I've scored some pretty insane deals on electronics there in the past. I wasn't really expecting to find anything at the 11th hour like this, but I thought I might as well give it a shot anyway. My eyes were scanning for a good reliable point and shoot camera that shoots high quality pictures, has a fast response time, takes decent video, and has at least 15x optical zoom.

Well, I didn't find that, but what I did find was a picture of a Canon Rebel T3 DSLR camera with a 20x points promo bubble on it. My wife had been hinting that we should maybe look into DSLRs, so I took notice of it right away. I'm ok being flexible on my buying decision when the right deal comes along, especially when it's for a higher quality product!

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20x the points is already good by itself, but I also saw that this weekend was also a bonus redemption weekend where any existing points you have are worth more when you redeem them. Normally 20x the points and redemptions don't stack together, but when the 20x the points is on a specific product and not store-wide, they do stack. Sweeter still, the camera was on sale for $50 off the regular price.

Was It Really Almost Free?

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