DIY Project Series: The Farmhouse Table Edition

DIY Project Series: Farmhouse Table

Building can save you money. A lot of money.

I built a solid wood table in a week, for about $500.

Your average furniture store would charge about $1,000. Check Wayfair, or Leon’s and you will find wood veneer finished, and plywood.

To get anything from a store, made from solid wood will cost you. The funny thing is, I could have built my table for less, if I hadn’t bought pre-milled table legs for $300.

With a booming DIY culture, there is money to be saved, and pride to be had in building your own furniture.

Whether you repurpose old wood, buy new lumber from your local hardware store, or a local lumber mill ‒ you can save money. Keep reading » about DIY Project Series: The Farmhouse Table Edition

Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Considering the importance of budgeting and saving for the future, it’s a surprise that schools aren’t more active in teaching the fundamentals of personal finance.

That means the importance of children being taught money lessons at home can't be overstated.

Even if you weren’t taught money lessons growing up, it’s not too late to begin with your own children. Although every family will tackle this challenge in their own unique way, there are a few universal lessons that are useful for all children to learn.

To set your kids up for success, here are some things to keep in mind... Keep reading » about Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Emergency Preparedness Kit: Pre-Made vs DIY

DIY Home Emergency Preparedness Kit

Catastrophist? Not me.

Believe what you want, but I think we live in a world that has never been more stable in some ways even though many things still lay outside my realm of control...

Like world peace.

One thing that's certain? People are very fragile creatures.

Without heat, food, water…we’re toast! (Pun intended.)

And so I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what kind of Emergency Preparedness Kit I have kicking around the house, how prepared can I actually be if the “stuff” hits the proverbial spinning thing above my head?

Let’s not go to extremes here...

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Best Credit Cards in Canada 2018

The best credit cards in Canada

What Canadian credit cards give the best best bang for our buck?

That’s what these rankings are all about.

These cards rose up to the top because they offer the very best in their respective category. If you’re looking for cash, travel, no fees, insurance, or even the best overall card – we’ve got you covered.

But, how do you decide which is best for you?

Only you can really answer that question. Here are some basic things to consider:

  • Keep your spending habits in mind. How much you spend and where you spend it does matter. The key is to never overspend for the sake of rewards.
  • Travel or cash rewards. Most cards can be broken down into one of these two camps. Travel cards usually give higher value rewards but lack the complete flexibility of cash.
  • Point value matters. If you go with a travel or points card, it’s pretty easy to see which cards earn more points. But, keep in mind that not all points have the same value. That’s why we show you an estimated real dollar value for the rewards you will earn.
  • More than just rewards. Credit cards have a lot of features, perks, and insurance coverage outside of rewards. Our top cards aren’t just there for the rewards. Don’t miss out on all their other great features too.

We tracked 160 credit cards in Canada, reviewed over 50 features of each card, calculated the dollar value of each card reward ‒ and let the numbers speak for itself.

Of course, the decision of whether the winner meets your needs is still yours...but you won't find a better starting point than this: Keep reading » about Best Credit Cards in Canada 2018