7 Fun & Frugal Ways to Get Fit

7 fun and frugal ways to get fit

While I’m not saying that I’m looking for a total body transformation or anything…

I’ve decided to tackle my fitness woes without a fancy gym membership, expensive new gear or spendy fitness class passes.

Plus, there are too many articles out there that recommend things I would never actually do to get-fit-for-less.

So here are 7 actual ways I’m going to get back into my fitness routine without blowing the bank.

Intro Class Passes and Trial Memberships

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Back-to-school Shopping Tips

Back-to-school shopping tips

Yes, it’s that time all over again.

You’ve sat on the beach, driven the kids to summer camp, gotten an awful sunburn and wondered why you wait so long to take vacation every year.

Yet, sadly – as with all good things – summer always comes to an end, and with that, comes back-to-school shopping.

Yet, there’s no need to fear! I know this can be an especially expensive and anxiety-inducing time of year…

But I’m hoping these tips would make the process more efficient...and less painful. Especially for your wallet.

What do you really need?

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PC Financial Is No More – But There Are Alternatives

PC Financial is no more - but there are alternatives

I’ve been a PC Financial banking customer banking customer almost since they opened their doors nearly 20 years ago.

It’s been a great experience for me, and even though I’m using other virtual banks like Tangerine, they were always a reliable no fee go-to bank. All the important stuff was free, the interest rates were higher than the Big 5, and the online banking experience has always been top notch.

I’ll tell it to you straight – I’m pretty bummed that they’re being completely taken over by CIBC and being rebranded as CIBC Simplii Financial on November 1st.

With 2 million customers hanging in the balance … I’m not the only one.

What does this mean for all PC Financial clients who can’t really imagine doing their daily banking anywhere else?

Banking As Usual In The Short Term

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Never A Better Time To Open A Tangerine Bank Account

Never a better time to open a Tangerine bank account

As a PC Financial (soon to be Simplii Financial) customer for almost 17 years now, I've been taking advantage of no-fee virtual banking pretty much since it first became available in Canada.

It's been fantastic.

I've enjoyed no monthly account fees and unlimited free cheques for that entire time along with earning much higher interest rates on savings than what is offered by the big Canadian banks. No complaints here!

All the while there has been another no fee banking competitor out there: ING Direct.

I'd always known about them, but their value proposition was never great enough for me. However, they were acquired by Scotiabank in 2012, changed their name to Tangerine, and upped their value proposition just enough that I took the plunge and opened my first account in 2014.

Use this Orange Key: Tangerine150

Up To $150 In Bonuses + up to 2.4% Interest For Opening Free Accounts

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