13 Fly Ways To Find Cheap Flights

13 Fly Ways To Find Cheap Flights

The search for cheap flights is a tiresome feat.

With constantly fluctuating prices, thousands of third party comparisons and endless airlines to choose from, it’s as if the secret to scoring sweet savings is by staking out your laptop 24/7.

Luckily, there’s an easier way.

This guide transforms the harrowing process into a foolproof crusade, providing you with today’s best money-saving tips guaranteed to help you find cheap airfare.

Want to score the best deals on flights for your next adventure? Download these 13 tips all in one page – read anytime, anywhere.

How to score cheap flights

No matter how frustrating the battle can be, finding the best deal on flights is worth the extra effort, so you can then use those savings on more important experiences.

So if you want to save time, frustration and – most importantly – money when booking your next flight, check out these 13 simple tips: Keep reading » about 13 Fly Ways To Find Cheap Flights

DIY Project Series: Bunk Bed Edition

DIY Project Series: Bunk Bed Edition

What are the first things you do when you try to cut costs or save money?

Some people cut the cords and get rid of cable TV or lower their cell phone bill by cutting back on data – you can live on WiFi alone, right?

Then there are those who sacrifice groceries or settle for the dreaded 1-ply toilet paper…

And there are some who lower the thermostat in winter, trying to get by with extra blankets and more cuddling (let’s face it, that one has its upsides!).

But what happens when you absolutely need something and there is no way to avoid the fact that money MUST be spent?

Let’s say you have a second child, only one extra room and the solution you come up with is…

Bunk beds.

What do you do? Keep reading » about DIY Project Series: Bunk Bed Edition

DIY Project Series: Pallet Fence Edition

DIY Project Series: Pallet Fence Edition

If you have read any of my other DIY Series posts, then you will know that I would rather build than buy.

I have built a table and a section of fence (I still have two more sections of this fence to build).

Some of these projects turn out beautifully and I manage to save some money. Others are just functional, but the money I save makes it all worthwhile.

Compared to my other DIY Series, I have to tell you that building a pallet fence is a much more difficult project. You have to account for the slope of your yard, and use plumb bobs and levels to mark your posts – not to mention a lot of patience!

It is a whole new level of Do It Yourself, but the savings potential is huge… Keep reading » about DIY Project Series: Pallet Fence Edition

The One Major Move To Increase Your Net Worth

The One Major Move to Increase Your Net Worth

You may think that, in order to increase your net worth, you need to start investing in the stock market, try and make more money online or even get your foot in the door with a new and exciting business opportunity.

But one of the biggest ways to add more cash flow to your budget is simply changing where you live.

Whether it’s moving to a more affordable home or to a city with more employment opportunities, if this is the year you’re serious about growing your net worth and having a higher savings rate…

...think about moving to a lower cost area.

To help get you started, I've compiled a list of the most affordable cities to live in throughout Canada. Keep reading » about The One Major Move To Increase Your Net Worth