How To Unlock Your Cell Phone For Free (Canadian Guide)

How to unlock your cell phone for free

Unlocking your cell phone just got a whole lot easier and cheaper!

With the new CRTC Wireless Code coming into effect on December 1st, 2017, Canadian cell phone carriers are now banned from charging a fee for unlocking any phone and all new phones must be sold unlocked.

Previously the unlocking fees charged directly by your service provider typically rang in at $50, but there was some variance among providers. In 2016 alone, those fees added up to $37.7M in revenue for the cell phone companies which came from 943,000 phone unlock requests - an average of $40 per device.

Today, all you have to is contact them and they will either unlock your device for you or instruct you how to do so yourself completely free of charge.

If you’re still confused about what unlocking even means, check out our guide that answers the question what is cell phone unlocking?

Also don’t miss our phone unlocking frequently asked questions below.

What You Need To Unlock Your Phone

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How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

How to eat healthy on a budget

If you’ve seen all the tricks and the listicles about saving money on groceries, but none of them ever really hit home? Yeah, same here.

You can read all the frugal articles about how oatmeal, bought in bulk, costs pennies per meal, and all the recipes for rice and beans that you want, but they might not be the right way to eat healthy on a budget for you.

And that’s OK.

Everyone has different food preferences, dietary needs and schedules, so what works for someone else might not work for you. That said, it is possible to eat healthily on a budget if you follow a few key steps ‒ and yes, some of them involve a bit of legwork.

It’ll be worth it when you scale down on what is the second-largest budget category for most of us.

Step One: Figure Out What Healthy Is For You

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Why New Year’s Money Resolutions Won’t Work – And What Will

Why new year’s money resolutions won’t work – and what will

New year, NEW resolutions – this is the year we’re definitely going to make things happen, right?

But there’s a problem...

These resolutions – which yes, sounds nice and smart and so motivational – actually set us up to fail.

Why? Because, too often, they’re an emotional impulse-checklist that lacks a concrete plan for action. And action is the ONLY thing that matters in making a successful life change.

Not to mention, New Year’s resolutions are so timing dependent. If we fail to meet this abstract timeline, have we then lost our chance for the rest of the year?

Starting our resolution late or screwing up early, within the first few days or weeks, feels like a license to put it off until next year. Surely then positive lasting change will finally happen. Ya… right.

We’re in control all year long

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Got money stories? Write for us.

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