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RBC InvestEase Takes Low Fee Investing Mainstream

RBC InvestEase Takes Low Fee Investing Mainstream

This post is sponsored by RBC InvestEase Inc. All views and opinions expressed represent my own and are based on my own research of the subject matter.

4 years.

That's how long low fee investing through robo advisors has been around in Canada.

Maybe you've never heard about this type of investing before…

Or, maybe you've been sitting on the sidelines paying high mutual fund fees because you aren't ready to trust your money to a startup robo advisor that hasn't stood the test of time.

Until recently, that's all the choice you've had and I don't blame you for being a little bit nervous about handing over your future to these nascent companies.

Fortunately, the most trusted names in banking are starting to pay attention and launch their own low cost investing services to Canadians – with the new RBC InvestEase being one of the first. Keep reading » about RBC InvestEase Takes Low Fee Investing Mainstream

12 Christmas Gifts That Won't Cost You A Dime

12 Christmas Gifts That Won't Cost You A Dime

Christmas is an expensive time of year.

We feel like we need to spend a certain amount of money on each of our loved ones, or else we don’t appreciate them enough, right?

Well, not exactly.

Something we all know, but tend to forget, is that the quality of our gifts isn’t defined by their price.

A personal gift that we spent our time and energy on is often more impactful than that cool new gadget you got your dad last year (that still sits in its box in the garage).

The stress of figuring out what to get while also keeping your wallet intact is only made worse by that one person who insists that you don’t spend anything on them or else they’ll get angry – and you believe them.

Whether you don’t know what to buy, your wallet is feeling a little light, or you’re forbidden to buy anything, these 12 Christmas gifts won’t cost you anything but your time. Keep reading » about 12 Christmas Gifts That Won't Cost You A Dime

Always Get A Deal On Your PC Video Games

Always Get A Deal On Your Favourite PC Video Games

It’s no secret that being an avid gamer can get expensive – and fast.

A lot of work goes into making a video game, and more often than not, the prices reflect that.

Buying a brand new game these days can cost you upwards of $80, and that's without factoring in the trend of season passes that continues to gain traffic with AAA games.

While you’re (hopefully) getting at least 10 hours of gameplay out of your purchase – sometimes 10x that – it can be a huge strain on your entertainment budget if you always want to play the hottest games.

And you haven’t even finished your backlog of last year’s games yet, have you?

Luckily for us PC gamers, we have a bunch of options to get a better deal on even the newest games, not to mention a fantastic arsenal of free-to-play games.

So, here are your options as you gear up for the next generation of gameplay: Keep reading » about Always Get A Deal On Your PC Video Games

How To Earn And Redeem More Air Miles

How To Earn And Redeem More Air Miles

The Air Miles rewards program is, in my opinion, one of the most overrated rewards programs in Canada.

But, due to its widespread use and popularity, it still deserves ample coverage on this site.

Even with its (many) pitfalls, I must admit that it does have the occasional silver lining and, because of that, I do participate in the program myself from time to time.

...It also must win the award for the rewards program with the most confusing name. I mean, seriously, who calls a retail rewards program 'Air Miles' anyway?

Silly name aside, it's indeed true that you can redeem your Air Miles for flights on one of several partner airlines, but this is far from the most common reward choice.

That's because the Air Miles program has one of the most comprehensive rewards catalogues of any program I've seen. Keep reading » about How To Earn And Redeem More Air Miles