18 Ways To Save A Bundle By Repurposing Your Wardrobe

18waystosaveabundlebyrepurposingyourwardrobe.jpgWhen clothing shrinks, gets stained, or no longer fits…

Your first impulse might be to toss it into a donation bin.

But think again!

Canadian Smart Savers know how to take those pieces and turn them into something new. Whether it’s a refreshed outfit, a tote bag, or something beautiful for their home.

Here are some creative ways to turn old clothing into something NEW.

Give Clothes A New Life

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7 Reasons Why Buying Household Basics Online Saves You Money

7reasonswhybuyinghouseholdbasicsonlinesavesyoumoney.jpgIt’s fun to shop online for personalized gifts, cute shoes or a new rug for the living room…

But have you ever thought about going online for boring basics like dryer sheets, dish soap, plastic wrap and paper napkins?

This surprising life hack can actually save you quite a bit of money every month.

And I’m here to tell you why...

Save money now...

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Canadian Stores With Free Shipping


Picture yourself whimsically browsing the internet…

Maybe it’s a new pair of jeans you’re after OR a great book to whisk you away on your next incredible adventure...

Browse … Click … Read … Like … Add to Cart … and THEN you see it ...

FREE Shipping - BUY NOW.

But, it doesn’t always go that way does it?

Sometimes you see this instead:

Shipping: $10

What do you do?

Run for the hills of course - you’re out of there faster than The Flash.

Free shipping makes all the difference in your buying decision. Sure, the cost of shipping is built into the price anyway … but after you’ve decided to buy you want to know the price isn’t going to skyrocket at the checkout.

Some companies like are able to offer low prices AND free shipping because of their size and lack of expensive storefronts to maintain. Then it’s win-win.

My favourite trick?

Find the lowest price at one store, and then price match at a different store that has cheap or free shipping for increased savings.

Here’s a big list of all the Canadian stores that ship for free so you’ll always know where to get it.

Where Do You Want To Shop?

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How To Get The Best Deal (With This Little Secret)

howtogetthebestdealwiththislittlesecret.jpgThe word “deal” is SO overused.

Everyone and their mom thinks they got an AMAZING deal on the latest thing-a-majig they bought from so-and-so.

Psssssst. Here’s a little secret:

You likely got an average deal at BEST.

At worst - you got taken for a ride and paid an inflated price for something that was camouflaged as a deal.

Marketers are so good these days they know what you’re thinking even BEFORE you do - if you caught a good “sale” - then you paid exactly what they wanted you to.

Don’t get me wrong, smartly shopping sales and clearances can land you some pretty good deals, but that’s just the start of what’s possible.

The real secret?

In one word ... STACKING.

What Is Deal Stacking?

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Canadian Rewards Programs: Are You Loyal?


Rewards programs are meant to create loyalty…

Repeat customers and repeat business are the name of the game.

But my experience has been that it doesn’t pay to be loyal. Shopping around for both the best prices AND the best rewards bonuses and perks is 100% the way to go...

IF you’re willing to invest the time.

A quick check shows that I am currently a member of at least 30 rewards programs. I don’t use them all on a regular basis - I have my favourites just like anyone. (Don’t miss my top 5 below.)

Then, there’s other times when rewards programs just aren’t worth it.

But, I do try to keep my eyes open for amazing opportunities in any one of those 30+ programs. If they make me an offer I can’t refuse - then I’ll take it!

That said, it’s hard to know what’s out there and targeted specifically at Canadians. I’ve put together a pretty comprehensive list below - please add any I missed in the comments!

Cash Rewards For Shopping Online

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Costco’s Crazy Return Policy

costcoscrazyreturnpolicy.jpgI’m going to get a lot of flack for this one - I can feel it in my bones.

You’re waiting to judge me…aren’t you?

Ok here it goes.

In case you aren’t aware, Costco has the most amazing return policy in the history of return policies.

They will allow you to return practically anything, for almost any reason, with no time limit on when you can make the return. There’s only a few reasonable exceptions.

Sounds insane, right? How can this be profitable?

It’s actually a genius marketing and psychological play that gives customers a huge sense of security and trust in the products Costco carries. They open their wallets without thinking about it or even checking the reviews.

Much of the time Costco can charge back any returns to the manufacturer anyway - and the sheer volume of sales they do and annual membership fees makes up for the rest of the potential losses.

In short…it’s why I shop at Costco.

I’m always pressed for time. The draw of that warm security blanket return policy and reasonable prices is just too hard to resist.

I'm not the only one who can't resist either - here's a blogger who lists her favourite Costco buys.

My $1,000 Costco Return

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Free Gift Card Offers (Up To $100 To Popular Stores)


I've been touting free gift card offers on this site for a long time now: see here, here, and here. Most of them have been a free $100 gift card to or another popular Canadian store in return for applying for an awesome credit card that earns you even more free money in cash back or travel rewards.

These credit cards usually also come with no annual fee (at least for the first year) and sometimes a hefty points sign up bonus to boot. Then, after the first year, there is no obligation to continue with the card if you decide it isn't for you. It's really a fantastic deal and one I've taken advantage of several times myself.

Since this has become a pretty regular thing, I thought I should make a permanent page that lists legitimate free gift card offers that I am aware of and will continue to update at the beginning of every month.

Proof That It Works

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Extreme Price Comparison - ALWAYS Find The Lowest Price

extremepricecomparisonalwaysfindthelowestprice.jpgI don’t know about you…

But, whenever I buy something, I’m always wondering if I got the lowest price. There’s often a lingering doubt that I could have found it cheaper elsewhere.

I don’t like that feeling - but I don’t always have the time or energy to make sure I got the best deal. And that’s ok!

When I DO find the time though - I can be pretty fanatical about it. In fact, I’ve developed a handy process that you too can use for tracking down rock bottom prices.

The best part is you can pick and choose those steps you have the time for and skip those you don’t. You’ll still wind up with a REALLY good price after all.

Here’s what you do:

1) Choose Your Product

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Save Money Challenge #3: Price Match Edition


Challenge Complete
This challenge is now over - congrats to those who did a successful price match!

Be sure to sign up for my emails by clicking the Get Challenge Updates button so you always get notified when a new challenge is starting. The comments for this challenge are now closed - I look forward to hearing from you in the next challenge.

If you want to see all the previous challenges, check out the main Save Money Challenge post.

It all started with that single price match deal I had at Staples more than a decade ago.

I was in my early twenties at the time. And I had no clue how that one simple choice would lead me to where I am today.

Here’s what happened:

Staples was selling the memory card I wanted for $150. But I found out that FutureShop had the exact same one on sale for $100.

Armed with the FutureShop flyer (my proof), I marched to Staples after having learned that they had a 150% lowest price guarantee.

The result?

Instead of the full $150, I walked away paying even less than the sale price at FutureShop.

I got my item at Staples for just $75.

Here’s the thing:

You don’t need to be a price matching Jedi to get a deal…

I was a young, inexperienced, nervous newbie when I started.

What got me through it?

It’s very simple…

I came prepared.

And so can you.

The Challenge

For this challenge, here’s your mission:

Take charge and price match a product - and save as much money as you can. Keep reading » about Save Money Challenge #3: Price Match Edition

Canadian Retailer Price Matching Policies


If you’ve never ever price matched before…

Know you’re absolutely missing out.

Not only on great savings…

But also on the rush that you feel when you score a deal.

A deal YOU made happen.

If you want to know what price matching is all about - and HOW it works - check out our ultimate guide to price matching in Canada.


Because money is all about mindset.

I made a simple choice to price match at Staples more than a decade ago...

I didn’t know it at that time - but the ripple of effect of that SINGLE choice was life changing. That rush I felt empowered me to take charge of my money in so many other ways.

For easy reference, I’ve updated and summarized the price matching policies of these Canadian retailers (the original post was more than two years ago).

When the challenge starts next week, you can check back here to see the policies of your favourite stores.

Bonus: Get this 1.5 page summary of 24 Canadian retailer price matching policies. Print it. Use it. Anytime, anywhere.

Jump to a Price Match Policy

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