A Canadian Guide To Free Internet TV

As a follow up to the new how to save money on TV section, I’ve now written a complete guide free internet TV in Canada. You will find a collection of links to over 30 Canadian television network sites that stream full length episodes of almost any show you could want, pros and cons of internet TV, links to equipment you will need to watch internet TV on your big screen, and much more! Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the guide:

Canadians are often left behind our American counterparts when it comes to practically everything. Our retail prices are typically much higher, our online shopping choices are minimal, and when it comes to online entertainment we are only now just starting to catch up to where they’ve been for many years in the USA. People are slowly becoming aware that some of their favourite TV shows are now being broadcast for free online, but most of them only watch them from time to time on their tiny computer screens instead of on their big screen TV in the comfort of their living room. They are also unaware of the sheer quantity of Canadian networks that are now broadcasting online!

My hope is that this guide will serve as a single point of reference for Canadians to both find full episodes online and to see how easy it is to get free TV in their living room through their internet connection! It can be a bit intimidating at first for someone who is technology adverse, but this guide will recommend all the components you need to get started, where you can get them, and how to get quick access to all the Canadian, and even American, content without a lot of hassle.

Free Internet TV – A Complete Guide For Canadians >>

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