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Save Tons Of Money On Almost Any Purchase! (VIDEO)

There's an amazing deal going on right now where you can save a huge amount of money while purchasing almost any product you can buy online in Canada (use your imagination) by stacking multiple promotions together via the website. is a relatively new Canadian website that is trying to become the next Amazon in Canada and are working really hard to get their name out there by offering insane promotions and discounts. In the video below, I show you exactly how to stack 5+ different promotions together to to save as much as $86.25 off a $150 purchase.

That's a discount of 57.5%! The discounts can be applied to anything sells which is pretty much everything because they partner with existing Canadian retailers to sell their products all under one roof while offering free shipping, free returns (they pay return shipping), and rewards on every purchase that you can use on future purchases. So you can apply these savings to items that never go on sale like say a new Samsung tablet, which I actually purchase in the video below.

Watch This Video To See Exactly How To Do It!

Steps To Follow After Watching The Video

You can follow these steps without watching the video if you want but the video contains a lot more detail that makes the whole process easy. It's up to you.

1) Get A Account

Click the link above to get your account. This will get you your first $25 credit instantly.

2) Get A Great Canadian Rebates Account

This will get you an extra 15% cash back on your purchase at, plus you can use it to shop at hundreds of other Canadian retailers and earn cash back.

I have earned over $400 in cash back to date with them alone and if you counted money from all the other cash back websites I'm a member of too, that number would jump to several thousand dollars. All for buying stuff I was going to buy anyway. Well worth it!

3) Use Great Canadian Rebates to start shopping on

Now that you have all the accounts you need, you need to start your shopping by finding on Great Canadian Rebates and clicking the link there to open to make sure you earn your 15% cash back.

If you close your browser or use another computer later, make sure you go back to Great Canadian Rebates to start over.

4) Find The Product You Want To Buy And Add To Cart

Your $25 rewards credit should be applied automatically.

5)  Apply Promo Code

You can use either the HAPPY or SAVE10 promo code to save an additional $10.

6) (Optional) Pay With Paypal

You need to pay with Paypal to get the additional $25 credit. Make sure the Special offer will apply and display on Paypal receipt text is showing up when you pay, otherwise the extra $25 credit will not work. If you don't have Paypal, just pay with credit card.

If you don't have a Paypal account, you should get one because they are very useful for online shopping and for sending and receiving money online. Initial setup can be tedious, but it is worth it in the end so you can get future deals. I suggest skipping this step and doing it later if you don't already have Paypal because you aren't eligible for the extra $25 anyway.

7) Wait For Your Product And Your Cash Back

Your item will be shipped to you soon, so just sit back and wait for it to show up on your doorstep! The cash back through Great Canadian Rebates will be credited in a few days and will be available to cash out in a few months. It usually takes about 60 days.

If you use Paypal with Great Canadian Rebates, it will automatically be credited to your Paypal account once the wait period is over.

Tell Me What You Bought In The Comments

I'm interested in the different ways people are taking advantage of this promo. Also, if you have any questions fire away and I'll get back to you.

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s froc's picture

Note - doesn't work with gift card purchases...
also, I wish I could find a deal at! (besides just the airmiles) I have a gift to buy there today!

Stephen Weyman's picture

I believe the $25 from Paypal will still work. The cash back and the rewards don't work for gift cards though like you said.

s froc's picture

nope, they don't take paypal. oh well, i'll get an airmile or two, I guess.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Sorry, I meant that you could use the Paypal $25 credit when buying gift cards on I wasn't talking about Amazon at all.

I don't know of any ways to save extra money at Amazon except maybe a little bit of cash back using Great Canadian Rebates. It only applies to certain categories at though. The air miles deal you were talking about would probably be better than that.

J's picture

The way I have found to save on & is to download the swagbucks search. It works the same as google search except you earn "bucks" for searching the web. You can then use these bucks to buy gift certificates to amazon and a bunch of other stores too.

I was skeptical at first but I have "bought" a ton of things from amazon using gift certificates I earned this way. You can go here to read about it on If you decide to sign up, I would appreciate if you used my referral link

Doesn't help for this year but you can start for next year.

Stephen Weyman's picture

That's a good point J, I forgot about Swagbucks. I should post my own referral link because I'm a member too, but instead since you thought of it first I'll turn your referral link into an actual link so it's easier for people to click. Cheers!

s froc's picture

thanks for the tip! I'll check it out!'s picture

Yet another tip that I can't take advantage of because I live in the United States. Anything comparable for American online shoppers?

Stephen Weyman's picture

You're going to find a lot of tips that are Canadian specific here Jon. Don't worry though, just the fact that you live in the USA means you already get a ton of deals that are better than the ones we get so I don't think you need to cry yourself to sleep at night or anything!

Max B's picture

The paypal offers no longer available on I don't see the link... Only 5% discount now from‏... not a big deal. Also i never get the special offers message under payment mehtods with paypal ?

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.3 for 299$ here :

Stephen Weyman's picture

Yes, it looks like the Paypal offer has been recently removed as well as the cash back offer from Great Canadian Rebates has been dropped to 5%. That's odd because I know GCR had stated the 15% would be until the end of the year. must have been losing too much money with people stacking all of these promotions and decided to pull back.

That's a good deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Too bad that's Walmart in the USA. If you check the Canadian site they list it for $400 currently:

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