Robo Advisors: What They Are and why You (and I) Might Need One


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Even smart people can make stupid money mistakes.

Take me for instance.

Not to blow your socks off, but...

I’m a reasonably smart guy.

I worked hard and did very well in school. I have a degree in computer science. I come from a family that has logic-wired brains.

And to top it off my dad is an investment advisor.

You’d think if anyone could make half-decent investing decisions it would be me, right?

Well, I hate to burst my own bubble.’d be wrong.

My Personal Investing Horror Show

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10 Ways to Save on Home Insurance


If you have a mortgage, then chances are you have home insurance too.

But if your home is mortgage-free (congratulations!), then insurance becomes an option.

Why should we insure our homes in either case?

Because most of us do not have the money sitting in the bank to buy another house right away if it were to burn to the ground.

We received the annual bill to renew our home insurance recently. And because it’s the same company as our car insurance, we decided to bundle up.

But before signing up, I made sure we had all the discounts available to us to get the best value of my money.

In fact, each successive year, I’d check and see if new discounts became available (like a new loyalty discount we’d be eligible for).

We've been with the same company for seven years. Here’s my drill: I ask if there are any discounts we're not using, and then double-check the facts they have on file.

If you’re completely new to insurance, then here’s a quick primer from The Globe and Mail.

10 Ways to Save on Home Insurance

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6 Alternatives to Owning a Car

6_alternatives_to_owning_a_car.jpgThis is no stunning revelation. But vehicles cost a lot of money to maintain.

Things like insurance, fuel, parking, tires, maintenance and repairs can add up at an accelerated rate.

One way to keep your monthly costs low is to find an alternative to owning a vehicle.

When I was in university I owned a vehicle but only had it insured during the summer months. This meant I didn’t have to pay for vehicle costs for about 8 months of the year and was able to save big.

At that time I had no choice - I was a student with little to no income, so I had to cut costs where I could. Even today, after graduating, I still try to drive as little as possible as I know vehicles can be expensive, especially with the rising cost of fuel.

Mr. Money Mustache, a Canadian-born engineer who retired at 30 and now lives in the United States, explains that vehicles are costly for most of us and advocates using a vehicle as little as possible.

6 Alternatives To Cut Your Costs

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Addictive Consumerism: The Danger of Collecting Shopkins

addictive_consumerism-_the_danger_of_collecting_shopkins.jpgAt 18 months old, my daughter said this one word that stopped us in our tracks:


Stephen happened to be holding some cash at that time, and she heard us say the word. So she mimicked what she heard. Over and over again.

Now she’s 6 years old. And it’s my turn to learn a new word from her - though it’s not one that I particularly enjoy...


I had no idea this word existed until about 6 months ago. I took my daughter to her friend’s birthday party. And then gift after gift (except my daughter’s gift), her friend unwrapped boxes of shopkins.

My daughter just turned 6 recently, and she received one shopkins playset. I knew it was only a matter of time. There’s no escaping it...or is there?

If you’re lucky and uninitiated into this world and you’re asking: what are shopkins? Here’s the short version:

They are small plastic toys designed to be collected and treasured by little girls.

Let’s unwrap that thought piece by piece:

  • They’re small enough to be choking hazards.
  • They’re collectible. So one playset ain’t gonna to be enough. And their collection is never-ending.
  • Treasured. This craze is real. And here’s another.

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