Where to Find Grocery Coupons Online in Canada

Where to find grocery coupons online in CanadaEverybody needs to eat so anything you can do to save money on groceries and food in general is bound to make a significant impact to your family budget. Coupons are one of the best ways to do that! Many people shy away from coupons because they either think they are too hard to find, couponing is too much hassle, they only give you puny discount anyway, or coupons don’t exist for healthy products that are worth buying.

There is some truth to each of those objections, but they definitely aren’t universally true by any means. The main thing is to have an abundant source of easy to get coupons that you can hand pick to suit your needs. That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive list of places where you can find Canadian coupons online.

Coupon Websites

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How to Minimize Your Monthly Cell Phone Bill with a Smartphone and a Data Plan

How to lower your cell phone bill with a smartphone and a data planThe Internet has significantly changed the way we communicate. Many people have already eliminated their monthly home phone by using Voice over IP (VoIP). Similarly, the business case for Enterprise VoIP is compelling. It eliminates separate voice and data services and the associated cost of maintenance.

If you have a Smartphone with a data plan, you can minimize your cell phone monthly bill by maximizing VoIP. That is, use low-cost VoIP to make calls as much as possible and only use prepaid minutes as backup.

How much do voice plans cost?

Mobility carriers offer to sell you a cell phone voice plan with 150-200 minutes for $30-35/month. Additional minutes are often charged at 30-40 cents/minute. This means you're spending about 20-30 cents/minute if you use all the minutes precisely. The monthly amount is fixed, whether you use all the minutes or not.

Don't pay for minutes you won't use

A prepaid plan can help you minimize mobile voice cost, which often costs 20-25 cents/minute in a pay-as-you-go setup. You only get charged for the calls you make or receive. Examples of prepaid carriers are President's Choice Mobile (aka PC Telecom), Telus Prepaid, Virgin Mobile, and Fido prepaid. The big wireless companies also usually have a prepaid option as well, but they are typically more costly overall.

How to choose a mobile data plan?

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How To Make A Coupon Binder

How to make a coupon binderEveryone that uses coupons needs an efficient method of organizing them. For a couponer, there is nothing worse than knowing you have a coupon for an item; but you can not find it.

While there are several ways of organizing them, perhaps one of the best ways is to use a ring binder since it offers a great deal of flexibility. As your collection grows, then additional pages can easily be added (or removed when not needed). It can work equally well for someone who is new to collecting as well as the extreme couponer.

A coupon binder can be as simplistic or as elaborate as you want it to be. There is no right or wrong way to put one together. What is best for you is the correct way. Having said that, here are some ideas to consider:

Choosing The Right Binder

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6 Sneaky Supermarket Tricks To Watch Out For


Today, we've got a guest article from savvy shopper Anna, owner of Bargainmoose.ca, the Canadian website for coupon codes, shopping deals, and money-saving advice. Anna's going to be telling us about some of the methods that supermarkets use to make you buy certain brands or to spend more money.

1. Eye-level placement

Did you know that when stores want to sell you something in particular over another item or brand, they place these products at eye level? It's naturally the first place your eye goes to on the shelf, and you're more likely to pick up those items.

And what's even better, they use the female averages as the eye level height, because it's more likely that the female is making the purchasing decision.

Stores tend to put the small sizes at eye level too, with larger sizing above or below. These larger sizes tend to have a lower price per unit (bigger is better!), so it's more economical to go for one of those.

So here's the money-saving tip: look up and look down! You might spot a better bargain.

2. End of aisle placement

The end of the aisle is a prime selling venue in the supermarket, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is the best deal for the consumer. The grocery store could be trying to offload some high margin stock, or they may even have received a premium for stocking this particular brand front and centre. Walk on past... the same product will be in the regular place, alongside other items and you can price compare to make sure it is the best deal.

Money-saving tip: ignore the end of aisle placements!

3. Buy 1 get 1...

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