ACT NOW! The Best Deal On Winter Tires You Will Ever Find!

actnowthebestdealsonwintertiresyouwilleverfind.jpgUpdate: This deal is still ongoing. I have added a new 15% off coupon (AJGN738) to replace the one that expired. I also added a comment indicating that I received my four General Altimax Arctic tires on October 14th just as expected without any additional fees to pay. Some sizes may be sold out or on back order, but you should definitely still try to get in on this deal!

If you’ve read my other post on Cross Border Shopping you would know that I tend to buy my tires from the United States at and have them shipped to the border where I pick them up later. The reason I do that is they are often up to 50% cheaper in the US. However, paying the shipping, duty, and brokerage fees to have them shipped directly to Canada is so expensive that all the savings are usually lost.

Well, today I discovered an amazing deal on winter tires in the RedFlagDeals hot deals forum at It includes shipping directly to my house for practically no cost and you pay no taxes or brokerage fees whatsoever – not even GST, PST, or HST!!! The tires are still heavily discounted off the prices you will find here in Canada, so you end up with a smoking hot deal on tires that you may never see again!

The Tires

Although you can buy any tires that you want with this deal, the tires I am talking about specifically are the General Altimax Arctics (see them @ TireRack). Previous to today, I have actually done a ton of research into winter tires and you should know that these are the number 1 ranked tire giving you the best snow and ice performance at the lowest possible price. If you look at the Tirerack customer survey results for all of the winter tires that they carry, they rank 1st in the Light Snow Traction, Deep Snow Traction, and Would Buy Again? categories. They rank 2nd in the Ice Traction and Hydroplaning Resistance categories.

As far as I’m concerned, those are the most important categories when choosing winter tires and these tires dominated in all of them. The number of competitors wasn’t small either with a total field of 23 different tires being rated. Not only that, but I have also read about these tires on several car forums and looked at tire benchmarking tests done by as well and they are always recommended very highly!

How Much Can You Save?

The exact amount you will save is going to vary on a case by case basis, because the car you drive and the size of the tire you need are big factors. However, I can share with you how much I saved! Keep reading » about ACT NOW! The Best Deal On Winter Tires You Will Ever Find!

40x The Points Is Back At Shoppers Drug Mart!


If you are unfamiliar with the Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum rewards program, then you can catch up by reading our complete guide to the Shoppers Optimum program to better understand the contents of this post.

This Saturday is a 20x Points Day at Shoppers Drug Mart, which is a great promotion in its own right. However, from time to time the stars align in such a way that it becomes possible to get 40x the points when purchasing select products during a 20x points promotion. This Saturday is one of those rare times!

What Products Qualify For 40x Points?

Shoppers has starting carrying a new line of food products called Simply Food which is another one of their store brands much like Life and Nativa Organics. According to reviews I have been reading on various discussion forums the food is very tasty and almost all of the different products they offer are excellent. Here is a partial list of products that they offer under the Simply Food brand:

Chicken Nuggets | Chicken Strips | Chicken Wings | Cookies * | Crackers * | Dips | French Fries | Frozen Vegetables * | Fruit Snacks | Granola Bars * | Jam * | Kettle Chips * | Kettle Popcorn | Pasta Sauce * | Salsa | Shrimp | Tea * | Tortilla Chips

* Items marked with a star have several different flavours or varieties to choose from.

    How Much Is 40x Points Worth?

    Keep reading » about 40x The Points Is Back At Shoppers Drug Mart!

    The Famous RBC Avion Transfer Promotions Are Back!

    For those who don’t already know, I am a huge advocate of credit cards for people who are capable of using them responsibly as a means of earning thousands of dollars in rewards each year. More importantly if you choose to have a credit card then you should have one of the best credit cards available that gives you the maximum return for the money you spend on the card. If you are unfamiliar with credit cards or unsure if you have the best possible card for your needs, then you should read through our comprehensive credit cards section to get up to speed.

    The Royal Bank Avion Platinum or Infinite credit card is one of the best and most flexible travel rewards credit cards in Canada. It is actually the card ranked 3rd in the travel category of our study of the best credit cards available in Canada.

    One of the main reasons this card is so good is that you can transfer your points at a 1:1 ratio to either the British Airways Executive Club or the American Airlines AAdvantage rewards programs. Doing so is already a good idea because it eliminates the dollar amount caps on point values that are part of the standard RBC Avion point redemption process. This allows you to book the most expensive routes within a given part of the world without paying more points and thus giving you much greater value. Keep reading » about The Famous RBC Avion Transfer Promotions Are Back!