6 Sneaky Supermarket Tricks To Watch Out For


Today, we've got a guest article from savvy shopper Anna, owner of Bargainmoose.ca, the Canadian website for coupon codes, shopping deals, and money-saving advice. Anna's going to be telling us about some of the methods that supermarkets use to make you buy certain brands or to spend more money.

1. Eye-level placement

Did you know that when stores want to sell you something in particular over another item or brand, they place these products at eye level? It's naturally the first place your eye goes to on the shelf, and you're more likely to pick up those items.

And what's even better, they use the female averages as the eye level height, because it's more likely that the female is making the purchasing decision.

Stores tend to put the small sizes at eye level too, with larger sizing above or below. These larger sizes tend to have a lower price per unit (bigger is better!), so it's more economical to go for one of those.

So here's the money-saving tip: look up and look down! You might spot a better bargain.

2. End of aisle placement

The end of the aisle is a prime selling venue in the supermarket, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is the best deal for the consumer. The grocery store could be trying to offload some high margin stock, or they may even have received a premium for stocking this particular brand front and centre. Walk on past... the same product will be in the regular place, alongside other items and you can price compare to make sure it is the best deal.

Money-saving tip: ignore the end of aisle placements!

3. Buy 1 get 1...

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The Aeroplan Star Challenge: Earn 16,500 Aeroplan Miles Basically Free

The focus of this site is mostly on learning repeatable strategies that can save you tons of money in the long term. It isn’t about the latest deal that crops up and goes away just as quickly, as there are lot of other sites that cover those deals. However, when a deal comes along that essentially gives you hundreds of dollars in free money, it’s hard to ignore and I just have to write a post about it. This is one of those deals.

Aeroplan has launched a new promotion for the month of May (May 1st to May 28th 2012) called “The Aeroplan Star Challenge” where they are giving you a chance to earn up to 16,500 miles for shopping at their partners. Normally there are big catches with these types of promotions in that you need to shop at 5-10 different partners, only get 1 credit for shopping at the same partner multiple times, have to spend a minimum of $20 at each partner to qualify, and the list of terms and conditions goes on and on.

Not the case for this promotion! I have read through the entire terms and conditions myself and it has been confirmed by an Aeroplan employee as well that you can shop at the same partner as many times as you want and still get credit and there is no minimum purchase other than you have to buy enough to earn 1 aeroplan mile in a transaction to qualify.

How The Promotion Works

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11 Car Buying Tips To Get The Best New Car Price

11carbuyingtipstogetthebestnewcarprice.jpgOver the years I’ve learned many car buying tips and tricks from various friends and relatives as well as from my own online and offline research. I have been buying vehicles for about 18 years and these tips can and do work very well. Some are easier to use then others, but if it means saving a few hundred or thousands of dollars, it’s worth it!

Buying a new car isn’t like buying a pair of jeans; you’re spending a huge amount of money. Of course if you’re buying a $500 used car that looks like “The Old Jalopy” from the Archie comics, then you won’t have much to negotiate on.

Keep in mind, I have only used these car buying tips at actual dealerships. Buying privately is different and you don’t have as many techniques to work with, and cars sold privately are always sold as is. I personally have never bought a vehicle privately.

11 Car Buying Tips You Can Use At Any Dealership:

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US Bank Account Comparison For Canadians

us_bank_account_comparison_for_canadians.jpgIf you have to deal with US currency on a semi-regular basis, then you know how quickly currency conversion costs can eat into your money! Your credit card charges you at least 2.5% off the top whenever you make a purchase in US dollars and the banks typically charge even more than that for buying US currency unless it is a large volume transaction. Worse still, if you ever get paid in US dollars, then you can wind up converting money to Canadian dollars when you receive payment and then BACK into US dollars when making a USD purchase. You are also at the mercy of ever-fluctuating exchange rates if you don’t have a US dollar bank account.

Are you paying monthly fees for your CANADIAN bank account?
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Running this website, I do occasionally receive advertising or affiliate payments in USD so I frequently find myself in costly currency conversion situations and it’s starting to get really expensive. I always knew US dollar bank accounts were out there and I had done some preliminary research surrounding them, but I’m getting much more serious about it these days and I plan to open a US bank account at a Canadian bank very soon to reduce these currency exchange costs.

How A US Dollar Bank Account Reduces Currency Exchange Costs

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