10 Best No Fee Cash Back Credit Cards in Canada for 2016


It's pretty much universal - everyone hates fees!

I go out of my way to avoid fees whenever possible. For instance, I haven't paid any bank fees for nearly my entire life. I hopped right from a free student account into a no-fee President's Choice Financial account and haven't looked back.

But, there are actually some times when it makes sense to pay a fee.

As you can see from my all-inclusive cash back credit card rankings, most of the top ranked cards have an annual cost. The light bulb moment happens when you do the math and realize that any money you pay in fees quickly gets refunded to you and more through increased cash back earnings. As long as you funnel all your spending through your credit card and pay it off every month, you can earn at least 50% more than a no fee card will net you.

That said, there are still many people who still want to completely avoid fees. Fees suck and you may even be worried that paying the fee will pressure you to overspend. If so, then the following list of top no fee cash back cards is just the thing for you.

Canadian No Fee Cash Back Credit Card Rankings for 2016

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The Best Credit Cards In Canada 2016


Can there really be one single BEST credit card?

Honestly, nailing that down is pretty hard because everyone's preferences are different. Credit cards offer so many types of rewards, features, insurance, and perks that comparing them against each in an apples to apples way seems nearly impossible...

But, I was foolish enough to try.

5 years ago I made my first attempt at ranking Canadian credit cards. That first attempt was good but not great - I held back from naming THE best card. I continued to track more cards and improve the system year over year. Thousands of hours have been invested...

Today, 124 cards of all types are tracked and ranked using 40+ unique ranking factors to determine which are really best. Finally, there can be one true champion that is best for most Canadians.

Of course, the decision of whether the winner meets your needs is all yours ... but you won't find a better starting point than this. (Not sure what to pick? Take this short quiz and find out.) Keep reading » about The Best Credit Cards In Canada 2016

5 Ways to Hack Your Cell Phone Bill

5waystohackyourcellphonebill.jpgWho doesn’t have a smartphone these days?

In fact, two thirds of Canadians own a smartphone.

And as their capabilities become greater, so do the data requirements...and costs.

Here are some easy ways I save money on my cell phone bill:

  • use wifi whenever possible to avoid extra data charges,
  • use a separate sim card when travelling to the US, and
  • use a smaller service provider.

Want to slash your cell phone bill even more? Read on...

5 Ways to Hack Your Cell Phone Bill

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How To Save Money on Moving Expenses

howtosavemoneyonmovingexpenses.jpgThe cost of moving from one home to another comes with a hefty price tag.

The cheapest option by far?

Doing it yourself (DIY) - which is what I’ve done in the past.

If you want to do the move yourself, get the best deal on a moving truck rental.

But DIY moving may not be realistic for everyone...

If you’re using a moving company, shop around for the best deal and use a reputable company with adequate insurance. You may also want to consider getting your own moving insurance.

Whatever route you choose, consider these tips to save money on moving expenses.

DIY Moving Cuts Your Costs

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