The War On Debt: Spending Blindly With Plastic

The war on debt: spending blindly with plasticWhen I was newly married in the nineties, we used a cash envelope system to control our weekly spending. We’d guess how much we needed for groceries, gas, entertainment, personal items, etc.

Each time we spent money, we replaced it with a receipt. And when the money was gone…

We had no more to spend until next pay.

Being a visual person, I liked this method. But as debit technology grew, my husband gravitated to it quickly. Because he thought cash was too easy to fritter away.

Little did we know how easy it is to fritter money away by debit, too.

Invisible Money

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Money-Saving Tips For Your Home Business

Money-saving tips for your home-business You might think that starting your own home-based business is a guaranteed money-maker…

After all, you’re keeping your costs low, you’re making smart decisions, and you’re disciplined about tracking your time.

But here’s the reality:

Income is often irregular which means cash-flow can be tight.

Sometimes we get too busy keeping the business afloat to realize we’re missing opportunities to correct the bottom line. So yes, small-business owners often struggle with their finances.

The good news?

We can do something about it.

Be it a full-time gig or a side hustle, here are a few tips to help cut business costs when working from home.

Save on software

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How to Budget for Wedding Season...If You’re NOT Getting Married

How to budget for wedding season - if you're not getting marriedThe snow has melted, the weather is getting warmer, and you know what that means.

Wedding season is coming.

You might have dodged the multiple-destination-weddings bullet this year, but even a few local weddings will represent a not-insignificant portion of your summer spending.

Luckily, if you’re in the thick of the attending-weddings season of your life, there are ways you can plan for wedding attendance to make sure it won’t ruin YOUR financial life.

Yup, I’m talking about building a wedding budget (which you probably thought you didn’t have to do until you were getting married yourself)...


How exactly are you going to handle those wedding-related expenses this year...and every year until your friends stop getting married all the time? Read on.

Plan Ahead

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Best No Fee Travel Credit Cards in Canada 2017


Finding a no fee travel credit card is kind of like finding life on Mars - it's hard and definitely takes some time...

The reason for that is annual fees are necessary to supply the increased rewards, insurance coverage, and perks that travel cards typically have.

While life on Mars is still being debated, fortunately Canadian no fee travel cards already have some life - but they may soon be on life support. There is an underserved need for this type of card though, especially if points and miles are brand new to you. Learning the ropes of travel rewards without the risk of high fees is valuable.

Once you've figured it all out though, then you'll want to graduate to a top tier travel credit card that racks up the rewards faster and gives way better perks.

Best Travel Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

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