Winners - $1000 Cash HUGE Christmas Giveaway 2016!


2016 is coming to a close and we ran another successful Christmas giveaway this year!

We collected 11,731 entries and awarded $2,000 in cash and prizes ... mostly cash :)

I want to give a heart-felt thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and share the giveaway. You are the reason this is a success year after year!

If you are a new reader because of this giveaway, then congratulations on becoming a Smart Saver and joining our community of like-minded savers. I believe that we can all save better together by helping each other out and pooling our knowledge to create a better financial future for ourselves and others.

I'm looking forward to what 2017 has in store and I hope to see all on the site again throughout the year.

Here Are Your Winners!

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Dear Renters: Home Ownership Costs Plenty

dearrentershomeownershipcostsplenty.jpgMany people assume renters are only renting until they can save up enough money to buy a house.

Isn’t that the ultimate plan: to save up, put a down payment on a house, buy and eventually own the home over the next 10, 15 or 20-plus years?

It doesn’t have to be. Home ownership is not everyone’s dream. Far from it…

It’s not always the best financial decision either. Like any investment you should do the math.

You also need to consider if putting all your money into one asset (your home) is really a smart thing to do. Finally, you need to assess your lifestyle. Putting all these factors together, renting isn’t throwing money away. Renting might be the best thing for you or your family.

Let’s break it down using my lessons learned.

We Started Out Renting

Many years ago before my wife and I moved into our condo together, before we got married, we rented separate places. I never considered renting throwing my money away at the time because paying rent did one thing very well – it put a roof over my head. I was trading money for something I needed - shelter.

How much you pay in rent will depend heavily on where you want to live. Real estate pundits don’t chant location, location, location for no reason. My rent was modest in the city before the recent real estate boom in Ottawa. Renting in the city was also a lifestyle choice. Amenities were a short walk away. Renting offered freedom many years ago – freedom from any major house maintenance or repairs - more on that shortly.

What We Learned From Buying A Condo

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Free Gift Card Offers (Up To $100 To Popular Stores)


I've been touting free gift card offers on this site for a long time now: see here, here, and here. Most of them have been a free $100 gift card to or another popular Canadian store in return for applying for an awesome credit card that earns you even more free money in cash back or travel rewards.

These credit cards usually also come with no annual fee (at least for the first year) and sometimes a hefty points sign up bonus to boot. Then, after the first year, there is no obligation to continue with the card if you decide it isn't for you. It's really a fantastic deal and one I've taken advantage of several times myself.

Since this has become a pretty regular thing, I thought I should make a permanent page that lists legitimate free gift card offers that I am aware of and will continue to update at the beginning of every month.

Proof That It Works

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Extreme Price Comparison - ALWAYS Find The Lowest Price

extremepricecomparisonalwaysfindthelowestprice.jpgI don’t know about you…

But, whenever I buy something, I’m always wondering if I got the lowest price. There’s often a lingering doubt that I could have found it cheaper elsewhere.

I don’t like that feeling - but I don’t always have the time or energy to make sure I got the best deal. And that’s ok!

When I DO find the time though - I can be pretty fanatical about it. In fact, I’ve developed a handy process that you too can use for tracking down rock bottom prices.

The best part is you can pick and choose those steps you have the time for and skip those you don’t. You’ll still wind up with a REALLY good price after all.

Here’s what you do:

1) Choose Your Product

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