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$1000+ Cash HUGE Christmas Giveaway!

Money Image

You read that right! I'm giving away $1000 of my own hard earned money in cold hard cash this Christmas in what I hope will be one of the biggest giveaways the Canadian personal finance blogging scene has ever seen.

In addition, I’m going to be contacting every Canadian personal finance blogger I know and imploring them to donate additional cash and prizes by begging on my hands and knees to make this one of the best giveaways ever! Of course, I will thank them profusely for this and write them a huge IOU for helping me up the ante and give out some amazing prizes to my amazing readers.  

Giveaway Over   - How About A $100 Gift Card Instead?

The giveaway is now over but if you want guaranteed cash instead you should check out my new article that shows you how you can get a free $100 gift card to one of 50 popular Canadian stores and restaurants:

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Why I’m Doing It

You might think I’m rich or that this blog generates a ton of income for me, but trust me when I tell you that $1000 is more than this blog has generated in income in a looong time. I make way less money per hour here than a minimum wage worker at Tim Hortons does, that’s for sure!

You see, I’m actually making up for lost time with this giveaway because I’ve always meant to do an anniversary giveaway celebrating my blog getting one year older ever since I launched this thing back in 2010, but I never followed through. So I decided, why wait any longer and why wait for the next anniversary to roll around? Christmas is a time when everyone needs some extra money and the spirit of giving is in full swing, so now is the perfect time.

I’m also hoping that this giveaway will help me expand my readership and reach out to people who would never hear about otherwise and I think that’s good for everyone. Even if you don’t win the giveaway, learning to save money without cutting back by reading my articles is already worth the price of admission – FREE.

The Prizes

As more bloggers hopefully come on-board I will update this list of prizes with their donations, but the first 5 prizes are all from me and are guaranteed. Delivery of the other prizes will be the responsibility of the individuals who donate them and therefore cannot be guaranteed by me.

Total Prize Value: $1654

Enter Here:

Entering is easy, you simply need to follow the instructions in the giveaway entry form immediately below. You can pick and choose which ways you would like to enter the giveaway using the entry form and it will keep track your entries up to a maximum possible of 12 entries per person.

You can use an email address or your Facebook account to access the giveaway form. We respect your privacy. Your email address or Facebook account will only be used to contact you if you are selected as a giveaway winner and for nothing else.

To ensure your entries will count, please read and follow the instructions for every step you choose to complete carefully. It is NOT enough to just click the the big green buttons.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules

  1. Using multiple email addresses to enter is strictly prohibited and will disqualify you from the giveaway. The maximum entries any one person can earn is 12.
  2. You must remain signed up by email, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, etc at least until after the prizes are awarded to be eligible to win.
  3. The giveaway period is from 12:00am November 12th, 2013 to 11:59pm on December 10th, 2013 EST.
  4. Giveaway is open to all residents of Canada over the age of 16, excluding residents of the province of Quebec.
  5. Winners will be drawn at random starting with the first prize on down to the last prize until all prizes have been awarded. If a winner cannot be reached, refuses their prize, or is ineligible or disqualified for some other reason, then that prize will be drawn again immediately at the time this is discovered.
  6. Winners will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending and will eventually be announced on this site after all prizes have been delivered.
  7. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received and the number of prizes donated.
  8. Only the first 5 prizes are guaranteed by me, fulfilling the other prizes is the responsibility of the donator but every effort will be made to ensure they are delivered as promised.
  9. Skill testing question required. Winners will be required to answer a skill testing question before the prize is awarded to them.
  10. No purchase necessary. To enter this way, first send an email to no-purchase [at] and then a mailing address will be provided to you where you can snail mail your request to be entered in the giveaway.

Special Thanks

Just a few quick shout outs to thank some people who have gone above and beyond to help me promote this contest.

How Would You Use The Money?

Leave a comment letting me know how you would use the money if you won the grand prize or just letting me know that you entered for the fun of it! 

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Dave Crombie's picture

I would use any money that I won (and I never win but I love to enter) to buy Xmas presents for my family. Its been a tough year financially although we are blessed in so many other ways. Really enjoy your blog. Keep writing. Thanks.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Thanks for the encouragement Dave. Good luck in the giveaway! We can all use a little extra cash at Christmas that's for sure.

Wayne Niittynen's picture

I would use the money to buy my wife something special

Stephen Weyman's picture

I'm sure she'll appreciate it if you do! My wife always loves it when I buy her a little something special :)

Miriam's picture

I would use the money to help provide food and drinking water to children and families impacted by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

Stephen Weyman's picture

This would be a very good use of the money indeed. My wife is Filipino so we're definitely connected to that tragedy. We will most likely be making a donation very soon to help with the ongoing recovery there.

suellen romard's picture

This cash bonus would go a long way to contribute to my bathroom reno..My kitchen ceiling isn't going to hold up much

Be'en's picture

The house needs a lot of maintenance work!

Stephen Weyman's picture

@suellen & Be'en: I hear you, houses are definitely a never ending sink hole for money. Fortunately, they're not as bad as cars! At least, when it comes to cars, I've figured out how to cut my car repair bills drastically.

Be'en's picture

I have read your article on car repairing -- very useful!

Do you have a blog on which is the best HD antenna to buy in Toronto and how to install it. I am thinking of cutting the cable. Use the antenna for HD signals, and buy Roku 2 to stream Netflix etc..

Stephen Weyman's picture

I have written about the topic of over the air (OTA) digital television, but I'm not an expert because where I'm from we don't have any good HD OTA signals within reach. You can read what I did write along with some useful links in my how to save money on TV article.

My Own Advisor's picture

Killer giveaway and happy to be part of the fun!

If I ever was lucky enough to win any sizable amount of money, it would all go to investing in my RRSP or TFSA. I'm trying to fill those accounts as much as I can Stephen.

I look forward to promoting this giveaway over the next few weeks.


Stephen Weyman's picture
Definitely glad to have you participating Mark and I appreciate your enthusiasm about the contest! I bet you're doing a much better job at filling up those RRSPs and TFSAs than I am. Keep up the good work on your blog.
acastellvi's picture

Stephen: I would use the money to continue having fun and share some with those tt are needy.
I enjoy your blogs immensely and learn a lot from them. Thank you!

Stephen Weyman's picture

Fun is definitely a priority and something I don't put enough emphasis on in my life these days. I'm hoping after the next year or so I'll be able to devote significantly more time to fun stuff. Thanks for the kind words!

Martin's picture

Part of me says: get family nice Christmas gifts. The other part says: go on a trip. So maybe a combo of both?

Awesome giveaway and keep it up the great work around here.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Thanks Martin, the prizes for 2 seats into your Launch Now course have been added to the giveaway!

Travel is something we like to do as well so you can always use a little extra money for that.

Ella Ofreneo's picture

I would pay some bills, use it for Christmas gifts for sure!

Stephen Weyman's picture

I'm surprised you're the first person to says bills. Bills bills bills, there's always bills!

Katie's picture

What a fun giveaway Steph!!! I am thinking of lots of things to do with the money.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Do they include buying me an awesome Christmas gift if you win?

sherri's picture

I'm taking it going to France and I'm going to eat cheese aND wine and bread ;-)

Stephen Weyman's picture

The food in France is definitely good, I can vouch for that!

Clare's picture

I would use most of the money for the fundraiser I'm doing for the Typhoon Haiyan relief, and use some to get my parents a little something for christmas =)

Stephen Weyman's picture

I saw on Facebook that you are doing a lot to support the relief of the Typhoon Clare and it's great that you would use the winnings from this giveaway to do even more!

Brian So's picture

Hey Stephen, thanks for doing this giveaway! That'll get readers into the Christmas spirit!

Karen Scott's picture

I would use this to help another family this Christmas. My family is far from rich but we have more than enough but I see so many families that could use a hand.

Stephen Weyman's picture

It's true, when we take a step back most of us can say we are extremely fortunate when compared to many other families across the planet. Helping those families in need is a great idea!

Erica's picture

I would use it to help towards my two young boys for Christmas...i just lost my job as of nov 8th...due to mass layoffs at Cavendish Farms PEI...and it sure would help out and insure my kids had a good christmas

Stephen Weyman's picture

Good luck finding a new job Erica and good luck in the contest! I know what it's like to lose a job; it's a very difficult experience.

Erica's picture

thx Stephen!...i have faith all will work out in the end!! :)

Kelly's picture

Income is always tight at the beginning of the new year as hours are cut to the minimum at work - so the money would go towards covering the bills that the paycheque isn't covering those months.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Indeed, there can be a lot of cutbacks and a big shrinking of the pay cheque in January depending on what industry you work in.

edna mahood's picture

If I won any money Id put in in savings as an emergency fund when needed. We have had some "bad luck " withbour home and have had to dip into it, to a point that if anything were to happen, we would be up the creek so to speak.

Thanks for the chance to learn new ways to save..and the chance to win


Mary F Campbell's picture

I would like to share the wealth anonymously with 10 families that could use the assistance of $100 to help feed their families a Christmas dinner. I am grateful to be enjoying a full freezer this year and would like to help others. :-) BTW, Mr CBB sent me.

christopher's picture

hello, mary

my name is christopher and i am a young 16 year old student still finishing high school. my mother comes from cambodia where she was a war victim and slave. when she was 17 she came to this country to make her life. she married my father at age 20 who was a university professor at mc gill. years later my father became severly mentally ill. my parents divorced when i was 3 years old. i have 2 siblings. 1 older and one a year younger. every year i try to step in and make sure our family has a happy christmas. i devote my life to making sure my family stays happy and strong together. its not that easy when you are a student who dosent make any money. if you would please help make this christmas a merry one. our family will be forever grateful.

Carrie's picture

Pay bills

Kristi's picture

RESP's, RRSP,TFSA, debt, Christmas, bills and hard to decide.
DEBT and Donation will be my picks.

Allison's picture

I would save the money to use for a trip to Florida with the kids next year. We've never been to Disney and I'd love to take the kids there.

Andrea Spires's picture

I would add the money to my income property fund. My partner and I intend to buy a duplex in the new year. It would also make it easier to make all the charitable donations I plan for the Christmas season. There are so many worthy programs, it is hard to pick just one!

Vicki's picture

I could really use the money for my RRSP. My husband is self-employed and I only work part-time, so we have had no company sponsored RRSP plans to assist us in saving for our retirement. We're in our mid to late 50's and won't be able to retire any time soon! Winning any money would be absolutely wonderful!

Rosemary Wells's picture

I have been dreaming of a professional website to support becoming a blogger. This win would be used towards that goal. Love this contest and enjoy the writing and breadth of articles you present. Thank you!

Cody Lee's picture

WOW. What a great giveaway!!! Being that my husband and I recently purchased our property, I would put the $$$$ towards our mortgage. I am so focused to pay off as much now before we start a family. Thanks for the opportunity!

heather mcd's picture

If I won I'd try to invest on my own in some kind of stock (and resps)

Mary's picture

Very generous. I would pay off my last credit card, haven't used it for 2 years.

Lydia's picture

I would use the money to put a new muffler on my car.

Marisa's picture

I would donate half to my church to give to local families in need this Xmas season, and the other half I would put into my long-term savings account which will eventually fund a trip to Europe (hopefully! If some other crisis doesn't arise first that requires financial attention!).

Richard's picture

An interesting contest - most of which I don't usually enter but intrigued by this one. If I won any cash it would go into the RESP for grand daughters (age 4 & 2). With the cost of education escalating it is a real challenge for young families to provide for higher education for their children.

Peter's picture

I would donate most of it to a charitable non-profit organization to buy materials, like paper, pencil, name tags, tablecloth for potlucks, etc.

Jay's picture

I would put the money towards my line of credit to help pay off some of my debt.

Cristy's picture

I would use the money to buy my mother something special and donate the remaining money to the people affected by the typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. The amount of suffering brought by this disaster is truly heartbreaking.

Mel's picture

What a great contest! You are very generous!
I would use the money for Christmas presents as I just had a baby and am on maternity leave from my job. It would be a fantastic help as I am trying to save as much as I can.

Audrey's picture

I would make a lump sum payment on my mortgage. Wow, that would be awesome!

Jenny's picture

I'd put it toward credit card payments

BeachBoy's picture

"Giveaway is open to all residents of Canada over the age of 16, excluding residents of the province of Quebec." FML

save. spend. splurge.'s picture

This would definitely go towards the new baby I'm expecting in 2014. I vow to put it in an RESP!!!

Stephen Weyman's picture

We're expecting a new baby in 2014 as well and we're already incurring some major expenses for that. Too bad I can't win my own contest ...

deb shulman's picture

my son needs a bit of financial help right now
it would be great to be able to give him some cash

Hunain Ali's picture

Nice work Stephen I hope this will help many needy families in Christmas. If I win I will take my mom on a vacation as we didn't get to spend much time together.

Best of luck for your contest.

Stephen Weyman's picture

That's very thoughtful of you to think of your mom that way!

Alison A's picture

Great thought (and action!) provoking posts.
If I win, it will help finance my first exciting foray into the world of ecommerce. So much to learn, but enjoying it very much.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Thanks for the positive feedback Alison!

Robert Wise's picture

I would use the money towards Christmas gifts.

DJ's picture

I will buy myself a surprise gift! surprise!

Pirathepan Kamalanathan's picture

thanks for the giveaway. Will use it to get something nice for my nephew.

edman's picture

I would purchase a Xbox one :)

Stephen Weyman's picture

I know quite a few people who are planning the same. I don't have time for gaming at all these days so I'm going to hold off for now!

John R's picture

I would build up my emergency fund

Stephen Weyman's picture

Good use of the money. You may also want to read my contrarian thinking article on why you might not need an emergency fund.


Save for special vacation

Amy Heffernan's picture

Awesome contest. Thanks.

Laura Hugglestone's picture

Christmas is coming and I am not sure Santa is going to repair the brakes on my car. This would help for sure ;-)

Stephen Weyman's picture

Santa may not be able to repair the brakes on your car, but there is a way to save a fortune on the cost of getting it done. Take a look at my article on cheap car repairs to see how you can get your car repair costs down as much as 80-90% for basic repairs.

Lori R Jackson's picture

I would buy the hubby something nice instead of asking for the money to buy. I think a new drill under the tree would cause him to collaspe!

Craig Morton's picture

This will pay for part of my trip to Australia to see my son, daughter in law and new grandchild!!!

Stephen Weyman's picture

Sounds like an amazing trip!

penny's picture

spend it on myself - for a change :)

Kristen Duever's picture

I would pay down some debt and spend some on Christmas!

LindaT's picture

This would be so great to win. I would put it toward my credit card debt.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Getting rid of credit card debt should be everyone's top priority for sure! Even paying it off with another lower interest loan is preferable.

Rekha's picture

Deciding would be tough - I think I'd have to split it up. Some to loans/debts ($200, I think), $100 for fun money to share with hubby (50-50), and $200 for house or vehicle expenses.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Practical with a little bit of fun mixed in, I like it!

Ester G's picture

I would use it towards out upcoming family trip to Florida, the first trip we have all taken together since 1994!

Harvinderks's picture

I would put it towards a new washing machine.

daniel's picture

I seem never to win anything but i dont give up my girl friend and i have been looking after a older man with brian damage it is like he only acts like a little boy at the age 65 years old looking after him is like having a baby we are 37 years old and have chose to put our life on hold for him as he lost everone in his family we are the only hope for him and are greatful to help out we dont belive in nursing homes so we have always said if we come into money i would show him more in life and have a great chirstmas to make him smile and for get of the pain he was living before us taking over and doing what is best for his life till he goes we try but live low income so winning would be great thank you all for letting us reply

Stephen Weyman's picture

I love to read stories of people helping others like this. It's great when we can truly be unselfish and just help others because it's the right thing to do. Good luck in the giveaway!

carson's picture

I would go and see my daughter in YellowKnife, for my wife and I haven't seen her in a year.

daniel's picture

thank you stephen weyman for your input we have done wrong in life so we are trying to make up for are misstakes in the lords hands and life has ups and downs but we keep praying for god to giuld us throw lifes as life has challenges but we would like two see a smile on his face and hope to win money to plain a wedding for her and i we have been together for 10 years but low income we can not put the money together for that special day but we know in are heart some day it could happen so good luck everone wish you all the best and hope you all can put a smile on someones face

Dawn's picture

This might sound boring, but I would put my winnings towards much needed chiropractic and treatments. Oh, my aching back!

James Brown's picture

Gr8 contest!!! I could sure use the money for Xmas

Jennifer's picture

Oh, this is so exciting to think about! Although 90% of me wants to use all of the grand prize to scamper off to Paris, or London, or really, anywhere, I think we would use it for groceries and Christmas presents for my 3 boys. Since I'm unemployed right now, it would definitely allow us to be a bit more generous with their gifts!

carson's picture


Vanda 's picture

This is a wonderful giveaway and would be invested in my TFSA or finish paying off my line of credit. It's been a tough journey. Cheers!

Kerri's picture

I would use it to take my son on a Ski trip. We talk about it every year, then we never have the money. A mother son trip to bond, be together and have fun in the cold outdoors. I miss him so much sometimes. We share the same home, but he's a teenager now and doesn't need me as much.

Gail's picture

I would use this money to put towards my wedding that I am having a very hard time saving for.

DALE's picture

I would share half & invest half-(enjoy today while thinking about tomorrow). Am new to your blog but will commit to being a follower! If I an fortunate enough to win-will pay it forward.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Thanks DALE, I appreciate you committing to being a regular reader, that means a lot. I hope that I will be able to provide you with lots of good information going forward so you can have even more money left over to enjoy today as well as invest in tomorrow.


Eric St-Pierre's picture

Sounds funny but i would use the grand prize or any prize to help my startup. I recently quit my job and going to hang my own shingle in 2014. It's exciting to become an entrepreneur. I would definitely use the cash to get me started.

Stephen Weyman's picture

That's not funny at all. Venturing out on your own is a great thing to do. Small business is very important to the Canadian economy and can eventually help produce jobs for others if you are successful. I wish you all the best with your new endeavour!

Ivan's picture

I would use the money to invest in my son's RESP.

Scott Furminger's picture

I am unemployed and if I won I would use the cash to try to catch up !!!

Samara Sullivan's picture

I recently had another baby and my 3 year old son has been beyond fabulous! With a much tighter paycheck as I'm on maternity we often have to find ways to cut corners but still have fun. My son and I build forts and cars out of cardboard we use our imaginations daily and enjoy life's simple pleasures. I'd love to treat him to a wonderful day full of excitement maybe a movie lunch a trip to the museum with souvenirs! Regardless if we win I think this is such a wonderful and admirably generous contest.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Thanks very much for the kind words Samara. I hope you win something so you can do something special for your son!

Kayla's picture

I would use the money to go visit my sister.

Shelley's picture

I would use the money to pay a credit card bill. This way I would reduce interest payment then it's worth more than the $1,000. Thank you.

Lynda's picture

Thank you for the offer/contest. My husband has been laid off from work. I would use the money for monthly expenses.

Jane Hammill's picture

I would buy some kitchen gadgets including a new freezer and lots of very healthy luxury food. This would inspire me to feed my family full of Vit's and smooth away my chunky bits and have a great start to 2014!
Huge thanks for running the contest and good luck to everyone.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Love the rhyming Jane!

Melissa G's picture

I would buy my son whatever he'd like for Christmas. It's been a tough year being a single mother--but I'm making it through. Good luck to all. Thank you!

Edwina Donovan's picture

Great contest, good luck everyone :)

Tracy's picture

I love free money and my birthday, 25 years with my better half and Christmas all in a span of 2 weeks so Money would be awesome !!

Philip S's picture

a nice Christmas gift for myself or maybe put in my TFSA

Robin's picture

I would use the money to help buy food or donate some money to the Food Bank and/or to assist with purchasing Christmas presents for the children listed on the Giving Tree. We always pick at least two children from the Giving Tree, even though we've experienced some financial set backs this year. We love to give as much as we can at Christmas.

Eduard's picture

I will put the money towards my mortgage, even if its olny 1000 bucks

Laura K's picture

Would put in savings toward a new furnace.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Now there's a necessity - we all need efficient heat at this time of year.

Laurie's picture

I would use it towards my kids for Christmas and some bills as we have just moved into a new home and I am currently unemployed and anything would help us out right now, thank you.

Michelle's picture

Christmas gifts or bills

Cathy 's picture

Would be more than happy to win a prize, would be a nice Christmas present as I am not receiving any gifts from our families as we are donating all presents to adopt a family, as that is what Christmas is about is to give to the needy and spend a nice meal with your loving family!

mariola's picture

I would save for my granddaughter education.
grate work.

Judy's picture

Well, Stephen, I would really like to get to work! I passed all my real estate exams recently, but, haven't been able to get my license money together because there is such a shortage of jobs for older people. So, that's what I would spend this money on, if I were lucky enough to win it - Work!!

Stephen Weyman's picture

That's an important use of the money Judy. Hopefully you are able to find a way to scrape together the funds to get your license even if you don't win this contest because getting to work as soon as possible is obviously of the highest priority for anyone.

Karen's picture

Since I just lost my job as of tomorrow because of company restructuring it would come in handy for the necessities of life.Rent, bills, food to name a few.

Christine S.'s picture

I would use the money to stock my freezer for the long cold winter ahead and pay bills. With no job, minimal prospects, and EI exhausted, it would be an absolute Godsend to win this contest. Thank you for the money saving tips, it appears a lot of us are going to need them!

Stephen Weyman's picture

The feeling of EI running out after you've been out of work must be a dreadful feeling. I sure hope you find a way to make some money to bridge the gap and get back to work soon. Good luck in the giveaway!

Noreen Wideman's picture

would use winnings to follow your advice on getting off the cable and satellites...and if any funds left do a payforward good deed

Stephen Weyman's picture

There are cheaper options than buying a full PC to use to replace your cable. That's just my preferred method because you get full control.

Maybe take a look into Android Mini PCs that look a bit like a USB dongle that can be plugged directly into the HDMI port of your TV. They are cheap $50-$100 and offer much of the functionality that a full computer would.

Dottie's picture

I would divide the money into three parts and use part of the money for Christmas presents,money on a bill I want to pay off and put the balance into a savings account.

carson's picture

Hi every one hopping to win Christmas is coming and my wife and I are still wanting to see our daughter in Yellow Knife or her coming here.And besides that her grandma is not doing well.That money would be great help for us.If not us I hope who wins can really use it .GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL AND A MERRY CHRISTMAS .

Caroline's picture

I would pay it forward and donate what I win here to my favorite animal rescue organization!

Maria G.'s picture

It would sure come in handy to buy Christmas presents for my family....

Connor's picture

If I did win this prize, I would save it for my mission to Mexico trip or Europe trip i have for school. Also, getting some christmas presents for my family may be a nice thing as both my parents and all of my siblings including me are in school.(it's hard to live off loans and have fun at the same time while paying for heat, lights, water, etc.)

Stephen Weyman's picture

Wow, that's crazy that your entire family is in school at the same time. It must be really scary having to live off borrowed money like that all the time. Good luck with your educations and I hope you can start paying back those loans soon! Enjoy the mission trip!

Michelle's picture

I have some urgent bills and renos that I need money!!! Its that time of year.

jeremy stewart's picture

I would use it to pay my rent for January. Its been tough finding work and would be a massive help.

Stephen Weyman's picture

I noticed that the end date on the contest form wasn't right. The contest is supposed to end on Tuesday around midnight and I had it set to end Monday at midnight so that has been adjusted. Get your entries in before the contest closes!

Kari's picture

Having 3 kids all in university at one time and another 2 younger ones playing representative level sports, the extra money would certainly be a help at this time of the year! Who knew it was so expensive to have kids?!

Stephen Weyman's picture

No kidding, I'm learning that myself right now. I've also heard sports and activities for your kids can be terribly expensive. My daughter just started her first two activities this year, fortunately they have been relatively reasonably priced so far.

Aaron's picture

I'd use the cash for an extra special Christmas for my family!

Susan Mason's picture

I would love to spend a nice win like this on gifts for Christmas, but I would pay bills to catch up. It would be nice to breathe a little easier. :) Ty for the nice contest!

Juliette Medeiros's picture

I would use this money to continue paying off our credit card debt. We made a decision to work on paying it off within a year - almost 4 months ago. We are almost half way there :)

Stephen Weyman's picture

Congrats on getting rid of the credit card debt. If you haven't already, make sure you explore your options for lowering your interest rates while you are in the process of paying it off.

Try calling them and ask them to lower the interest rate, put the balance on a line of credit if you can (preferably secured), borrow the money from someone you know and pay them a lower interest rate instead. That kind of thing.

I'm a big advocate of using credit cards and paying them off every month but not carrying a balance and paying huge interest fees!

Lynnette's picture

I would definitely use the money to pay some bills :)

Damon's picture

I would use all the money to go for charity/family because charity is a perfect place to give money to the poor and hurt and my nanny just had heart surgery so some would go to her bills and the rest for Christmas gifts. I think the money should be either given away to charity or used for family. The money shouldn't be used for your own needs.

Judy's picture

I would use the money to do something nice with my sons on our upcoming Christmas vacation. We have had a tough year as my husband passed away a year ago, and we all need to have some fun family time.

Stephen Weyman's picture

I could use a good family vacation as well. Really looking forward to some time off at Christmas. I've been burning the candle at both ends and need a break!

Martha's picture

I would use the winnings to pay for 2 new car tires, some food, and a present for each of my children.

Stephen Weyman's picture

Have you considered buying your tires in the USA, you can save up to 50% on the exact same tires you would buy around here by doing this. Check out the post I wrote on this a while back.

Rosie's picture

I would use the money to buy some gifts for my kids and spouse and Christmas stuff.

Marcelina's picture

I would split the $1,000 evenly between my children's RESPs.

Marcelina's picture

Ha! I doubled first prize to $1,000! Sorry!

Stephen Weyman's picture

Actually, there is no restriction on the same person winning multiple times. So if you used all of your 12 entries then you could feasibly win more than $1000 if you were really lucky!

I thought about making that restriction because it will be kind of awkward if the same person wins more than once, but I also want to reward the people that took more time to enter so I decided to leave that out of the rules.

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I would use the money to pay for Christmas gifts and food.

Jamie Maracle's picture

Finish my Christmas shopping, take Family out for a nice dinner all together

Leslie's picture

I would use any winnings to help a less fortunate family in need have a better Christmas this year.

corrina's picture

Hi my name is corrina maurice i lost my job a few months ago aave not been able to find work times are very very hard luckily i have a great guy that goes to work a busts.his but every day i don't know what i would do without him even though he is working we r getting behind on stuff i did not have a tree.a.he found me one on the side of the road a it for me i don't think we will be able to have the money to decorate it though.
but this guy is trully trully amazing if i won the money i would make him a beautifull xmas.meal with a decorated tree and a very special present u nder the tree he really diserves it.
thank u corrina

Stephen Weyman's picture

Sounds like you have a great man, a real blessing. Good luck in the contest so you can make this happen!

Rose's picture

I would use it make my kids Christmas a good one. I am on social assistance. for myself and my 10 yr old daughter. I had 2broke wrist an my brother with his 3 girls age 12,10,8 he is a sngle father all their li es, he came to help ne then he found work here an there GE not eligabke for assistance ce cause he is employable so now GE works. to help pay for our rent .. I also look after NY grand kids 16,13 .I a have been in processS of getting g yep for my grand kidsthrough aboriginal. miministry children an families. its been 10 months they keep doing investigation after I vestigation on me an find nothing but yet bow doing another one on me again this 3 in the 10 months. UT now cause I don't get help from ministry for them the Christmas. bureau. wot help me .. so I just want five these kids even. a lil Christmas for them the Christmas bureau

Emma's picture

I would use the money to pay off debt :)

jon's picture

Half to me for a new tablet to replace my broken one I use for my long commute, half to the food bank. No one should be hungry.

Shirlee White's picture

Will spend it on the arts; maybe the next concert that comes to my city or live theatre.

Lynda's picture

Thank you for this contest. My husband has been out of work for 6 months now, so I would use it for new glasses for the both of us, as well as day to day items. We are also in need of fresh groceries. This money would be helpful.

Stephen Weyman's picture

If you need new glasses, check out my article on getting glasses either very cheaply or even free (not including reasonable shipping).

Lynda's picture

Thank you Stephen.

I am checking out your step by step guide on how to use "Clearly Contacts". The website seems to be user friendly, and so is your site.

Also I did not know about:

for codes and coupons for Canadian sites. I will be exploring this site as well.

Thank you again

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You're welcome, glad to help!

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I would use the money to pay my rent/utilities. Being a single parent and only able to work part-time makes financial obligations a challenge every month.

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I can only imagine how difficult that must be. Trying to pay for or find childcare while working working to earn a single income would be my definition of a nightmare. I have a lot of admiration for people such as yourself who do this every day!

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The giveaway is now over! Thank you so much to all who entered. I hope you will stick around and continue reading the articles that I write and contributing to the discussion in the comments.

I will be picking the winners later today and starting to contact them so hang tight.

carson Pilgrim's picture

Good day ,just want to thank every one who read my comment and sent an email back to me and a good thanks to Stephen Weyman you all have a Merry Christmas And A Happy NewYear.

david's picture

Even though I didn't get a chance to be part of the giveaway, I still enjoyed seeing the enthusiasm from everyone.
This the way to get the blog starting.
I hope everyone has a good holiday season, and remembers to only use money wisely.
Don't waste it on irrelevant things.

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