Are Chapters-Indigo Plum Rewards Worth It?

arechaptersindigoplumrewardsworthit.jpgPlum Rewards is Canada’s largest loyalty program for reading enthusiasts. It offers discounts and special promotions for members that shop at the Toronto-based retail chain Indigo. The Plum Rewards program is available across the country at Indigo’s 92 superstores and 131 smaller format stores operating as Chapters, Coles, SmithBooks and online at

Plum Rewards is free to join and there are no annual membership fees. To become a member, you must be 16 years of age. You can join online or at any store location with your name and a valid email address or mailing address and telephone number.

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In addition to books, Indigo has expanded to include exclusive product lines, a large toy department, fashionable home décor and even specialized teas. The wide range of products makes Chapters a tempting shopping destination to readers and non-readers alike.

Changes have been made to the Plum Rewards program starting September 3rd, 2015. Here’s what you need to know.

Earning Plum Rewards Points

How To Save Money On Your Mortgage

howtosavemoneyonyourmortgage.jpgA home purchase is likely the biggest purchase you will ever make, which means the financing of the house is very important! When I got my first mortgage I didn’t do much research on whether to choose fixed or variable. I wanted the stability of a fixed rate so it was an easy decision (or so I thought). Choosing a 5 year fixed rate cost me thousands in interest compared to a variable rate. At a time when the prime rate kept falling, those who had a variable rate mortgage saved thousands while those who had a fixed rate (including me) were locked in. The penalty for breaking the mortgage was steep (about $15k) otherwise I would have switched to variable.

There are multiple ways to save money on a mortgage - read the article below to get some tips on how you can save money on yours.

Variable Vs. Fixed Interest Rates: Choose Wisely

Laundry Done Better: Save Money, Energy, Time And Hassle

laundrydonebettersavemoneyenergytimeandhassle.jpgLaundry is one of life’s necessary evils. We’ve come a long way from our grandmother’s (or great grandmother’s) washboard, heavy metal irons, and washing our clothes in the river, but the number of options available have multiplied like bacteria in a petri dish.

Have you seen the fancy features the new washing machines come with lately? I’ve seen some that have over ten different wash cycles, including the “baby laundry” cycle to the “stain remover” cycle. Some have countdown timers so you know exactly when the laundry will be finished. Some even play music when the cycle is done. On one model, I saw an “Eco Bubble” feature on one particular model, which sounded like an exotic spa for your clothes.

Is there something wrong with your machine? There’s an app for that, and there is an error monitoring system that can detect and diagnose problems without you calling for a repairman. Wow.

Thank goodness for the simple things in life, such as saving money on laundry. I no longer feel capable of choosing a washer/dryer, but with the amount of laundry I’ve done in our household, I can certainly list a few things that have helped us get the job done better.

Understanding Wash Symbols

Never Pay To Upgrade Your Computer’s Memory + VIDEO

neverpaytoupgradeyourcomputersmemory.jpgAt some point during the life of a computer, there almost always comes a time when it would benefit the owner to install more memory. If you find your computer is getting sluggish when you have quite a few programs running, then you are probably a good candidate for increased RAM (random access memory).

Even when buying a new computer, you should be wary about buying a more expensive model of the same computer just because it has more RAM. It is very common for the price of a laptop to jump by $100 or even $200 just because it has a little more RAM and maybe a slightly bigger hard drive. Please please please, don’t fall for that trick! Go ahead and buy the cheaper model and just upgrade the RAM yourself.

VIDEO: Don't miss the video near the bottom of the article where I walk you through the entire process of buying cheap RAM online.

Computer Memory Is Extremely Cheap

Computer memory is manufactured en masse these days and it basically all works the same way so companies that produce it are able to get manufacturing costs down very low. As long as you are looking for a reasonably popular type of RAM, then you won’t end up paying much. Keep reading » about Never Pay To Upgrade Your Computer’s Memory + VIDEO

Score Cheap Concert Tickets (And Good Seats Too!)

scorecheapconcertticketsandgoodseatstoo.jpgBuying tickets for concerts and sporting events can be frustrating. It seems like almost all popular Ticketmaster events sell out in minutes or even seconds, leaving thousands of fans frustrated and forced to pay astronomical prices on the secondary market.

There are a few strategies you can use to help you get tickets at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, none of them are guaranteed to work all the time, but with trial and error you will greatly increase your chances and get much better at it over time!

Here’s how:

Join Fan Clubs Ahead Of Time