Daily Deal Sites: The Best Of What’s Left


What ever happened to all the daily deal and group buying websites?

You know, the ones that let you save 50% or more on restaurants, entertainment, products, and services? It seems they’ve all but disappeared these days.

A few years ago, sites like Groupon were all the rage and it seemed like a new imitation site was popping up every few days with fantastic names like “StealTheDeal” and “Snaggies”. Everyone and their dog wanted in on this revolutionary internet gold rush because profit shares were high and businesses willingly spent large chunks of their marketing budgets to attract guaranteed customers.

For the consumer, these daily deal sites were, and still are, a great way to save money while experiencing new restaurants, entertainment, and services that they might otherwise be hesitant to buy.

From 33 To 6: What’s Daily Deal Sites Remain

Self-Directed Investing: What You Must Know Before Starting

selfdirectedinvestingwhatyoumustknowbeforestarting.jpgThe popularity of self-directed investing ebbs and flows with the performance of the stock markets. When times are good and nearly every stock is heading upward, more people make the decision to start managing their own investments. During periods like we saw in 2008 and 2009, or the more recent downturn in late 2014 when markets dropped and there was more red than green on the screen, investors scatter in all different directions.

Some choose to cut their losses, bail out of whatever they're holding, and stay in cash until the dust settles while hoping to catch the market on its move back up.

Others decide self-directed investing isn't for them and seek the help of a licensed, professional advisor.

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There are some who do nothing but ride out the downturn, believing they are holding good investments that will recover when the market does.

And then, there are those brave souls who see the downturn as a buying opportunity and invest as much new money as they can.

Unfortunately, that final group are among the minority. I once attended a seminar being put on by a former advisor who told an audience of mostly investment advisors "You people are in the only business where, when everything goes on sale, people run away!"

What Kind Of Investor Are You?

Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite Review

scotiamomentumvisainfinitereview.jpgRight now this card is considered the top cash-back card in the country – and for good reason. With 4% cash back on gas and groceries, the rewards can really add up quickly. A typical family that spends $25,000 annually ($2,083 per month) on the card would earn in the vicinity of $625 in cash back during the first year alone!

Quick Facts

Annual Fee $99
Interest Rate 19.99%
Min. Income $60,000 personal, $100,000 household
Reward Type Cash Back
Reward 4% gas and groceries, 2% drugstore and recurring bills, 1% everything else
Reward Return 1-4% of spending
Sign Up Bonus First year free (limited time)
Apply Click here


  • Highest percentage cash back for gas and groceries of all cash back cards.
  • 2% cash back for recurring bills – the opportunity to move all monthly payments onto the card to maximize the cash back.
  • High annual limits in the gas and groceries cash back category (maximum spend of $25,000 per year).
  • First year annual fee of $99 waived for new applicants (limited time).
  • 20% discount on Avis car rentals.


  • High annual fee of $99 compared to some other cards along with a $30 fee for each additional card.
  • High minimum personal or household incomes needed to qualify. They may be somewhat flexible on this depending on your credit history.
  • Limited insurance coverage (no travel insurance).

Insurance Package:

  • Extended warranty - up to one year.
  • Purchase protection - 90 days.
  • Rental car collision insurance.

Cash Back Analysis

BMO Air Miles World MasterCard Review

bmoairmilesworldmastercardreview.jpgThis card is a good choice for anyone with a high annual spend that wants to collect Air Miles at a faster rate than the regular BMO Air Miles MasterCard, and also flies often to take advantage of the 25% discount on the number of required Air Miles for each flight.

Quick Facts

Annual Fee $99
Interest Rate 19.90%
Min. Income $60,000 personal, $100,000 household
Reward Type Travel Points
Reward 1 mile per $15 spent, 25% bonus at Shell, 100% bonus at Avis and National car rental
Reward Return 0.7-1.25% of spending (depending on how you value Air Miles)
Sign Up Bonus None 2000 Air Miles (limited time)
Apply Click here


  • Exclusive 25% discount when redeeming Air Miles for flights.
  • The highest earning rate of all BMO Air Miles cards.
  • 25% bonus (Air Miles) at Shell locations, 100% bonus (Air Miles) at National and Alamo Car Rental and 25% off regular rental rates.
  • No limit to the amount of Air Miles rewarded.
  • Easy to use, straight forward online account access through BMO.
  • Some extended warranty and travel benefits available.


  • $99 annual fee is high for the accrual rate you get.
  • High minimum personal ($60,000) or household ($100,000) incomes needed to qualify. They may be somewhat flexible on this depending on your credit history.
  • Few good opportunities to earn bonus miles above and beyond the regular rate.
  • American Express Air Miles Platinum has similar earning rates and perks for a lower annual fee.

Insurance Package:

  • Extended warranty - up to one year
  • Purchase protection - 90 days
  • Travel & car insurance coverage

Air Miles Rewards Analysis

When Fruits And Vegetables Are In Season

whenfruitsandvegetablesareinseason.jpgWhat better time to buy fruits and vegetables than when they are in season? They taste better, are more nutritious, AND prices are almost always lower!

With in season produce, flavours are more pronounced and aromas blend with taste in such a way to keep you coming back for seconds (or thirds as in my family). What easier way to make your children hate vegetables than to serve them when they’re at their worst? Isn’t that like taking a shiny new bike and presenting it after you’ve dragged it through the mud?

Arguably, you can wash the bike and it will be like new. To present the equivalent in past-their-prime vegetables, I only know the one true Canadian way: smother them in cheese and add bacon. If that doesn’t work, nothing will!

Who likes to read previews before seeing the movie or buying the book? I do! Would you like to know what is going to be in season next month or what is in season right now? I would!

That’s why we’ve come up with a new pdf to download, print, and pin to your refrigerator so you can use it for menu planning or keep in your shopping bag for your next trip to the grocery store. Fruits and vegetables are sorted alphabetically and a bright sun denotes the best month(s) to find your favourite produce at its best.

Download Your Free PDF: When Fruits And Vegetables Are In Season

If you’re not familiar with some of these foods, not to worry! The internet can be a great resource for endless recipes, with many sites containing reviews on a variety of dishes. And hey, If it doesn’t turn out, you can always fall back on the Canadian cheese and bacon - it might end up being a new favourite that way!

You can also find the full listing of fruits and vegetables by month right here in this article as well - read on below.

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