The $36.9 Billion Cost of Poor Health...and How to Get Real Food for Less

the_36.9_billion_cost_of_poor_health.and_how_to_get_real_food_for_less.jpgConsider the high cost of poor health...

Unhealthy lifestyle choices cost Canadians $36.9 billion per year according to this Canadian Men’s Health Foundation’s study.

You can bet we’re all affected because our tax dollars fund our healthcare programs...

Poor health also affects our ability to work. Of course, we just can’t do our best work when we’re sick...

I worked in Human Resources and consistent absence from work (“absenteeism”) is a classic management headache. Employees who are legitimately sick and truly need their employer’s support, unfortunately, get mixed up with those few bad apples who abuse the system.

If you’re a full-time employee, you’ve got a limited amount of sick leave and likely some long-term disability coverage (although even if you qualify, this only replaces a portion of your salary).

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But what if you’re a casual employee with no benefits and no guaranteed work hours?

What if you’re self-employed?

Your income could take a sharp nosedive when you need it most.

And then there’s also quality of life...

Sure, we’ve gained 20 to 22 years in life expectancy - but are we living better? Will we be healthy enough to travel at 65? Or play with our grandkids at 75?

When we invest in our health starting now - it can make a HUGE impact not only in the short-term...but also over the longer-term.

Here’s a thought...

We prepare for our financial well-being leading up to retirement. But at the end of the day, what’s the point of gaining a mountain of money if we’re not going to have the health and the zest to enjoy it with the people we love?

So why not invest in our health as well?

Investing in Food and Your Health

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How To Shop At Garage Sales And Save

howtoshopatgaragesalesandsave.jpgIt’s spring time which means the weather is getting warmer and we'll soon start spending more time outdoors.

Some of us also use this time to clean out our garages and sell items we no longer want...

Garage sales, also known as yard sales, are a great way to save some money (for buyers) and earn some extra cash (for sellers).

I've bought a number items at garage sales all at near rock-bottom prices. My finds include camping gear, sports equipment, tools for minor home renovations, and appliances as well.

What To Buy

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Are Real Estate Agents Worth It? (And How To Get One For Less)

arerealestateagentsworthit-andhowtogetoneforless.jpgThis post was sponsored by FeeDuck but it’s 100% my story and written by me.

I bought my first home nearly a decade ago in 2006 and at the time I was dead set against using a realtor…

After reading stories of big commissions for little work, conflicts of interest, poor service, and how “easy” it was to DIY when buying and selling a house - I was convinced I didn’t need one.

In my home province of New Brunswick, commissions of 5-6% split equally by the buying and selling agents are common. Even with our lower housing prices, that still seemed like a lot of money to me.

So, I set out to buy a house without an agent...

Why I Didn’t Use A Realtor When Buying My First House

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Free Gift Card Offers (Up To $100 To Popular Stores)

free_gift_card_offers_up_to_100_to_popular_stores2.jpgI've been touting free gift card offers on this site for a long time now: see here, here, and here. Most of them have been a free $100 gift card to or another popular Canadian store in return for applying for an awesome credit card that earns you even more free money in cash back or travel rewards.

These credit cards usually also come with no annual fee (at least for the first year) and sometimes a hefty points sign up bonus to boot. Then, after the first year, there is no obligation to continue with the card if you decide it isn't for you. It's really a fantastic deal and one I've taken advantage of several times myself.

Since this has become a pretty regular thing, I thought I should make a permanent page that lists legitimate free gift card offers that I am aware of and will continue to update at the beginning of every month.

Proof That It Works

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