Boost Your Salary In A Tough Economy: A Career Coach Weighs In


In the “game of negotiation the first offer is often not the employer’s best offer...there could be more in it for you,” advises Jennifer Murray, Senior Consultant and Career Coach at Knightsbridge Robertson Surrette.

An HR practitioner for 18 years, Jennifer discovered early on that she’s at her best when she sees “people shine”. Her areas of expertise include: compensation management, leadership development, and career coaching.

So how do you win the game of negotiation? Coach Jennifer shares her precise steps with us.

But first, let’s talk about why...

Why Negotiate Your Salary?

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Thrift Shopping: From Small Finds to Hidden Treasures


Need to do some shopping but hate to pay full price?

Welcome to thrift-store shopping - where you can enjoy the thrill of deep discounts...all year long. (Without having to wait for the out of season sale).

Many items today are safe for resale because they outlast more than one owner.

As an added bonus, when we recycle and reuse old items, we help save the environment because we keep them out of the landfill.

In some provinces, like Ontario, even sales tax is excluded from thrift store purchases. Many thrift stores are actually operated by nonprofit organizations that receive donated items and resell them for money to fund their operations.

With non-profit thrift stores, everyone wins: we stay on budget; support a good cause; and care for our environment. One caveat?

Carefully inspect the items you plan to purchase for defects before you buy them.

Two Of My Favourite Finds

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2016's Best No-Fee Cash Back Credit Cards


It's pretty much universal - everyone hates fees!

I go out of my way to avoid fees whenever possible. For instance, I haven't paid any bank fees for nearly my entire life. I hopped right from a free student account into a no-fee President's Choice Financial account and haven't looked back.

But, there are actually some times when it makes sense to pay a fee.

As you can see from my all-inclusive cash back credit card rankings, most of the top ranked cards have an annual cost. The light bulb moment happens when you do the math and realize that any money you pay in fees quickly gets refunded to you and more through increased cash back earnings. As long as you funnel all your spending through your credit card and pay it off every month, you can earn at least 50% more than a no fee card will net you.

That said, there are still many people who still want to completely avoid fees. Fees suck and you may even be worried that paying the fee will pressure you to overspend. If so, then the following list of top no fee cash back cards is just the thing for you.

Canadian No Fee Cash Back Credit Card Rankings for 2016

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2016's Best Cash Back Credit Cards


Just walking into your bank and taking whatever cash back credit card they offer you could be a major rip off. If your family spends a reasonable $25,000 annually on credit, you would earn $125 in cash with the worst cards. The top ranked card on my list would earn you $411 - that's more than 3x the cash - big difference, eh?

Travel rewards have become increasingly complicated and less rewarding over time, so Canadians everywhere are starting to embrace the simplicity of cash and their credit card reward of choice.

Simplicity doesn't mean that choosing a cash back card is easy though!

There are still annual fees, different bonus spending categories, insurance coverage, and other perks to consider. Not to mention subtle details like how the cash back is paid to you (statement credit, cheque, direct deposit), caps and tiers, and how often your cash is paid out. I've taken all these things into account with my comprehensive rating system - you won't find that anywhere else.

Canadian Cash Back Credit Card Rankings for 2016

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