The Best Sites For Finding Cheap Flights

thebestsitesforfindingcheapflights.jpgLet’s face it, trying to find a good deal on airfare can be intimidating!

There are so many sites to look at from airline sites, to online travel agencies, to third party comparison services. Ultimately, you’re left wondering if you are getting the best price and that isn’t a good feeling.

The best place to start is always with comparison websites that don’t actually let you book directly. The reason for this is because not only do they have access to the same inventory as the others, but they also partner with a wide array of online travel agencies to ensure you get the absolute lowest price.

In fact, most sites should have very similar prices and inventory because they all use a small shared set of backend systems. Therefore, the biggest savings come when you either find an interesting booking that is a mish-mash of multiple airlines or one of the online travel agencies decides to get aggressive on their pricing and pass on some of their usual profit to you.

Top Airfare Comparison Websites

The Top Free PC Games By Genre

thetopfreepcgamesbygenre.jpgThere are an astounding number of top tier computer games that are Free To Play (F2P) these days. So many, in fact, that you probably don’t have to pay another dollar to play a video game for the rest of your life if you didn't want to!

Most of the guides to free games out there mash all types of games together in one big list. So, to be different, I’ve decided to split them up conveniently by genre so you can quickly find the best games in the category you heart the most.

Instead of going at this subjectively, I’ve made my best attempt to assess the popularity of each of these games over the past 12 months and will give you the top 3 in each genre (at least if that many free games exist in the genre). There’s no point wasting your time on a dying no-name game, right? You might as well go where all the action is! I’ve also only included top tier 3D games while mostly forsaking older style 2D games and browser based games.

Jump To A Game Genre

This list is all on one page (surprise!) so you can read through super fast simply by scrolling, or you can use the handy menu below to jump to a genre you like:


Shooters are definitely the most popular genre of free video games - I discovered 14 of them in my research for this article. I’m going to include the top 5 here, instead of the usual 3, because there are so many good ones to choose from.

All of these games center around team-based online battles where you match up with other gunslingers to take down an opposing team while completing various objectives according to the game mode you’ve chosen.

Most of the games in this category are First Person Shooters (FPS), but the top game is a Third Person Shooter (TPS) so based on reader comments below I have renamed this section to "Shooters".

1) Warframe

Warframe is an interstellar shooter that has you fighting as an ancient Tenno warrior that has been called back into action now that the Grineer are taking over the solar system.


Play Warframe

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2) Team Fortress 2

Free To Play Video Games: Are You Missing Out?

freetoplayvideogames-areyoumissingout.jpgThere has been a revolution happening in the gaming world over the past several years: the Free To Play (F2P) gaming model.

No, I’m not talking about those free sorry-excuse-for-a-game apps that you can download on your phone and are supported by advertising. I’m talking about full-fledged 3D computer games produced by top tier game developers that are both really immersive and fun to play.

The kicker is you don’t have to pay a cent to enjoy them, EVER. You can literally play for hundreds or even thousands of hours without ever opening your wallet and, for the most part, have no major disadvantages over those players who do choose to buy stuff in-game. It’s hard to imagine that this could be good for the gaming industry, but it does seem that many companies are able to make really good money with this model.

You have to be careful though, because not all free games are created equal. Some games have in-game purchases that give big unfair advantages over free players. Those games are affectionately called “Pay to Win”. Fortunately, just as many other games only sell cosmetic items that have no impact whatsoever on gameplay, like different skins for your character, or only a minor impact, like experience boosters, that will make your game playing experience slightly easier or faster.

How I Got Started With Free To Play Games

New Podcast You Might Be Interested In + $150 Giveaway

momoneypodcast.jpgI have something different for you today. Instead of the typical article you would expect about saving money, I want to take a minute and introduce you to a brand new podcast by my fellow Canadian money blogger Jessica Moorhouse of Mo' Money Mo' Houses.

I tend to have a more formal approach to blogging in that I stick to writing how-to guides on saving money, so I don't usually promote other people's blogs or work directly on the site. However, I do believe in helping people out and sharing great content produced by others, which I already do extensively through Twitter. So, be sure to follow me there if you want a steady stream of great articles penned by other Canadian personal finance bloggers.

Jessica's podcast is one of a select few Canadian podcasts out there that focuses on money and I also met her in person at FinCon last year so when she asked for some support, I wanted to help her out. I believe many of you will find her show interesting because money is still such a taboo topic, even today. She is willing ot talk to real people, bloggers, and financial experts to help us understand how people are really affected by money. We can all benefit from this kind of frank and open talk on the subject.

Introducing The "Let's Talk Money" Podcast

The podcast launched just yesterday and already has 3 episodes available (with 2 more on the way soon) for your listening pleasure. I've listened to the first two in their entirety myself along with part of the third episode. Let me tell you, the production quality is really top notch and she has a great voice for radio so it was very enjoyable to listen to.

In the first episode she goes into her own personal story, her family money struggles, and what lead her to launch her blog and now this podcast several years later.

In the second episode she explores the topic of freelancing and how that effects your finances. She interviews her husband who works as a sound engineer mixing and producing music and audio tracks for his clients. It's an interesting interview because he clearly loves his career, but he openly admits that he sometimes doesn't know where his next pay cheque is coming from even a week ahead of time. From there he explains how he is able to keep his financial footing even given all that uncertainty.

The third episode is an interview with Cait Flanders from Blonde on a Budget who started her adult life recklessly spending and racking up credit card and loan debt. Like many, she thought that was what she was supposed to do now that she was an adult, had a job, and was earning her own money. It goes into detail on how she came to the realization she was in big trouble, how she's changed her financial life, and how she eliminated her tens of thousands of dollars of debt in the span of a few years.

I won't bore you with any more details than that, you might as well head over to the podcast page yourself right now, give it a listen, and then make your own judgments. You can listen on the web, through iTunes, or on other mobile devices through Stitcher Radio and SoundCloud.

$150 Gift Card Giveaway!

What Is An Aeroplan Mile REALLY Worth?

whatisanaeroplanmilereallyworth.jpgWith all the negativity surrounding Aeroplan lately, some people might say they are worthless actually!

Believe me, I’m frustrated too: the terrible availability, horrible connections, insane taxes and fees, and ridiculous fuel surcharges (when oil prices were higher) are REAL. Amia needs to wake up and fix the major flaws before they lose all their members due to frustration!

However, if you know how to work Aeroplan to your advantage, Aeroplan miles are actually VERY valuable. If you follow the suggestions in my complete guide to the rewards program linked above, then you will easily avoid most of the major pitfalls and start getting maximum value for your miles.

The Quick Answer: 3 Cents