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Repair Broken Electronics To Save Money And Reduce Waste

RepairBrokenElectronics.jpgIf it ain't broke, don't fix it. But, when it comes to electronics and all their intricate parts, they will break one way or another. Unfortunately, the age old idiom doesn't mention what to do when things do break!

When my electronics stop working, I instinctively grumble a few choice words while calculating how much a replacement would cost. Rarely has my initial reaction been to consider the option of trying to repair what's been broken.

Why Repair

Repairing extends the life of electronics, keeping them out of landfills longer. The sheer number of electronics manufactured, consumed and discarded puts an unsustainable strain on the environment.

The more obvious reason to repair a broken electronic is to save money. There is great potential cost savings realized against having to replace the item. There is no point in discarding something in its entirety if only a small component is rendering it unusable. Fixing an electronic yourself - in DIY fashion - can be the cheapest way to refurbish and render a potentially useless item functional again.

Sound daunting? It often isn't that bad when you give it a shot!

Before You Start DIY Repairs

Best Credit Cards For Gas Discounts

Best Credit Cards For Gas DiscountsLast week I told you all the ways you can save money on gas that don't involve buying a Tesla or a Smart car. This week I'm going to fill you in on which credit cards give you the best discounts when you buy gas.

This is a great way to ease the heavy burden of going to the pumps these days as prices continue to rise. Can the days of 50 cent gas come back please? Is ANYONE listening??

There's a better chance of the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup than that happening. Even I know that and I don't watch hockey! So you might as well get the best possible card for gas discounts rather than waiting around for prices to fall.

Here are the cards that will help keep your wallet happy:

Amex Gold Rewards (5.8% Return)

If you're into collecting Aeroplan miles, this is the best card currently available in terms of overall value. It shines in the gas bonus department as well because it gives you fully double the reward points you would normally earn on gas purchases. That's much better than the 50% bonus or no bonus that most other travel rewards cards offer.

If you read my guide to Aeroplan (link above), you'll see that I value Aeroplan miles at about 2.8 cents each. If you double that because you're earning two per dollar spent at the pumps, then this becomes a 5.8% return on spending. It isn't cash, but that's definitely an attractive return!


Scotia Momentum Visa Infinite (4% Return)

This is currently the best cash back card in Canada for many reasons - one of the biggest being that it gives you 4% cash back on gas. There is a cap on how much you can earn in a given year, but who spends $25,000 a year on gas anyway? You'd have to run a trucking company or own a super yacht for that! It comes with a $99 annual fee, but it's currently being waived for the first year and it's worth it!

There is also the Scotia Momentum Visa ($39 fee - 2% on gas) and Scotia Momentum No Fee Visa (1% on gas) cards that have lower annual fees and lower rewards, but they both still offer a bonus for gas purchases. As long as you have a decent amount of spending, then the Infinite card typically makes the most sense after you do the math.


CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite (4.2% Return)

Don't Pump All Your Money Away: Ways To Save On Gas

Save On GasHow does this sound?

You've just finished fueling up your car and you're tallying all the savings you've managed to achieve on your $80 gas purchase. First, you saved $16 through paying for your gas with 20% discounted gift cards. Then, you saved another $1.60 through buying those gift cards with your 2% cash back credit card. Next, you saved another $1.80 by filling up on 3¢/litre off supreme Thursday. Finally, you earned $2.00 in rewards "money" that you can use for future gasoline purchases.

That's a grand total of $21.40 saved, or a 26.75% savings on your gas bill! Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't - or at least it wasn't - because I've done it many times myself at Canadian Tire a few years back. If you want to know how I did it, I'll continue the story at the bottom of the article. But for now, these are the ways you can save big money on gas today!

1) Get A Credit Card With A Gas Bonus

It's no secret I'm a big advocate of responsibly using credit cards to reap all kinds of rewards and buying gas with your credit card is one of the best ways to reap those rewards even quicker. Why? Because many cards offer bonus rewards for buying it, that's why!

With bonuses like 4% cash back or up to a 10¢/litre discount, having the right credit card can make a big difference.

I'm going to follow this article up next week with a list of all the best credit cards for earning bonuses and discounts when purchasing gasoline.

2) Rewards Programs

I'm Giving Away $50: Win-Win-Win #2

Win Win Win - I'm Giving Away $50There was 104 entries spread across 36 people in last month's $50 giveaway, so thank you to everyone that did enter and share articles - very much appreciated!

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed by the participation level overall. $50 in cash is nothing to sneeze at and I thought a few more people would jump at the chance to enter a giveaway with a pretty high probability of winning. I'm hoping we can really up the participation this month so I know that this is something you guys want me to keep doing every month.

Remember: if you are getting my money saving tips emails (i.e. you're an email subscriber), then you can get a free entry into the contest just by clicking a button in the form below.  You can do this every month for a free entry!

I'll try and do a better job promoting the giveaway this month and please let me know what you think in the comments. Should I continue to do this?

What Is Win-Win-Win?

In short, it's a monthly giveaway on where you get the chance to win $50 by doing a little social sharing of my articles with your friends.

If you want the full details including why it is called win-win-win, then check out the very first giveaway post here:

Win-Win-Win Monthly Giveaway

How It Works

It's simple. All you have to do is share articles that have appeared on with your friends via email and social media. I will compile a list of links to recent articles plus a few other articles I would like to spread the word about in a new Win-Win-Win post every month so you can easily click on them to share (see below).

Any articles from not listed in this post can also be used if you want to find them and share them yourself.

Of course, you should only share those articles that you think are helpful and worth reading. I try to make every article valuable, but ultimately it's up to you to decide what's good and what's not.

The contest will run for the entire month and close a few days before the next monthly contest is set to run. I will then draw the winner for the previous month's contest and announce them in the post for the new contest.

Use the form below to enter and follow the directions in each step carefully.

The Best Way To Use Your Save On More Rewards Points

Save On Foods StoreEver wonder just what's the best way to redeem those More Rewards Points offered by Save on Foods, Pricesmart, Overwaitea Food Group, and Urban Fare? Or are you like most people who think they'll never add up to much anyway and just spend them when the cashier offers to redeem your points for a 'free' product? Admittedly, these aren't life changing amounts of money, but here are some tips on how to play "the game" more efficiently. After all, if one is allowing one's buying patterns to be used for data mining, why not get the most value for it?

Tips For EARNING Extra More Rewards Points

Let's say you are an avid collector - you just love buying the Big White passes each year for Christmas gifts and the feeling of getting a great deal! Or perhaps you love the idea of taking a 'free' flight. Here are a few tips on how to boost your points balances.

Earning In-Store

Besides collecting of the points themselves, value can also be found in using the card in store. It is becoming increasingly the case that you only get a discounted price on your grocery purchases if you scan your points card at the checkout. (The irony is that one of their major competitors, Safeway, has recently backed off of forcing their customers to bring in their membership to get discounted prices on groceries!)

Typically, "More Rewards" points are earned at a rate of 1 point per dollar spent when you shop at their grocery stores, including Urban Fare. It's a good idea to watch for double points days as well as bonus points that are offered quite regularly. Here are few in-store examples of how to earn points.

  • Bonus points on products - just keep an eye for the little blue shelf signs while shopping in store.
  • Multi-buy specials - A typical offer would be "Buy four boxes of Kelloggs cereal and receive 2000-3000 points." You usually don't need to clip the coupon from the flyer, just buy the product and the points show up on your receipt automatically. If you use the FLIPP app on your phone to find the product on sale cheaper locally elsewhere, you can save even more. (This app is fantastic, you can search for ANY advertised item and find out who has it on sale - click here to check it out.) Note: Some stores still won't accept price matching requests unless you have the paper flyer, so bring the flyer in when you shop if that's the case. Ask the cashier to price-match the items. You'll still get the points that are associated with those items, as they are automatically added by the system giving you more points per dollar spent.
  • Manager's specials - Each store is responsible for distributing their own points. Some Store managers offer a 1000 point incentive if you fill out one of their feedback surveys. Just bring in the confirmation sheet after filling out your survey, or fill it out online at the kiosk provided in select stores.
  • Share your account - Be sure everyone in your family has a card, they come on key-chain tags as well, so everyone can easily earn.
  • Use the kiosk - Most stores now offer a More Rewards kiosk close to the entrance where you can scan your card and receive bonus offers for spending set amounts. Typically one receives 375 points for a $35 spend, but the amounts are often MUCH larger if you spend more. Each card is allowed one scan per day. The highest value coupons are only offered to each cardholder occasionally, it seems.

Ways To Earn Outside Of The Grocery Store

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